Glasto Day 1

So all loaded up and off to Glasto we headed. The journey itself wasn’t too bad apart from the sat nav trying to take us through Bristol city centre. So we parked up and then it was the small matter of getting the gear to our camping speck. Judging by the size of Helens bag she has decided to move house. It soon became apparent that we would have to leave somebody with some stuff and come back. the wise choice was to leave Helens bag so we did. Some kind paratrooper tried to help Claire with Helens bag. He went to put it on his shoulders but soon realised that it was a task that even Geoff Capes would not do. I was quite proud I had dragged it for 10 mins. After what seems like ages in the baking heat we were all set up and it was time for a cider.

We headed into the main site and wondered around the stages which will be so busy come later today. The site is massive and we ended up in a bohemian style part of the site. Before we knew it all three of us were doing some country dancing in a large circle of people. Booze not too pricey £3.70 a pint. Sausage and chips was a fiver though !! So still haven’t been for a poo and the toilets have to be seen to be believed. I dred to think what they will be like by Sunday night. It will be a pleasure to go on my own throne. Up far too early for my liking and onto day two we go. let’s see what bands I end up and going to see today. It’s gonna be a long day. Rolf Harris at 11 it is then.




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