Glasto Day 4

So the final day at Glasto and the now traditional 7.30 am wake up call by the sun sweating me out of my tent, after braving the long drop toilets by our tent (now in a day 4 condition !! ) It was a small hike back to the car to load up most of the stuff for a planned 4.00am leaving early Monday morning. It was then onto breakfast from one of the many stalls and we settled down for some chilled Norah Jones in the belting sun. Its that sunny now that you are relieved when a small cloud comes across and gives you a rest for the intense heat. The site it now turning yellow and dusty, makes it so much better than the planned mud I had envisaged. So next up as the decision between Slash, Dr John or the footy. Well I chose the wrong one and went to the footy. The footy was by our tent and was that busy the field was cut off so despite attempts to blag in I had to go the less known long way around to get in. So wasnt really worth seeing the footy was it ? So with lots of people leaving early our “lovely” !! long drops bogs had become the main toilets for the footy and had massive queues. With at least a 10 min wait there and it taking a similar time to leave the footy field due to congestion there was only one option to go in a bottle in the tent !!! I can vouch that I didnt spill a drop on Mrs Fays blow up bed which was situated in the middle of the tent. So with the letdown of the footy, I was more pissed off I had missed decent acts (Ray Davies one of them) rather than being out of the world cup so I decided to cheer myself up and grabbed 4 cans of Magners and went for a rave. I ended up in the west dance tent and come across South Central which consisted of a DJ and a man on a keyboard going all electro and experimental. So I wandered through the rest of the dance village and then headed up to the more hippy zone of the site. Here I found myself at an outdoor mobile disco with the hosts just sporting dodgy underpants (Video below)

So moving on from the disco I headed up to the acoustic tent where I came across a droid on the loose. He was singing to songs and then doing actions. His eyes were raining on people to “I can see clearly now when the rain has come” and when “Grandad” came on he was pointing to an old man. I left before he got me (Video below)

So I made it to the acoustic tent just and caught the last few songs from “The Blues Band” with Paul Jones playing some amazing harmonica. I Didnt know these were playing otherwise I would have watched the whole set but then again I would have been robbed of my mobile disco, droid and other post football experiences. So I went down to the pyramid stage to meet the girls and watch Faithless do their full set and we had a decent speck near the front and Faithless didnt let the crowd done. So another amble around the site and Stevie Wonder came on. I only lasted one song and made the semi drunken decision to go and see orbital on the other stage. So I raced around as quick as I could but Stevie was very popular indeed and it took a bit of time to get out. So The Orbital didnt disappoint. It was glow stick heaven and the song “Chime” brought about my last Glasto wonder moment. I left before the end of the set as the dancing to The Orbital had robbed me of my last ounce of energy. I had my traditional burger for supper on the way home and was asleep before the girls had made it back from Stevie Wonder. Glasto 2010 a truly magical experience and I will do a full review blog tomorrow. i leave you with a picture from the last act I watched The Orbital.


Fay x x


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