Happy birthday blog and a cocaine world cup.

So a few days rest from blogging after the multi Glasto posts and also not wanting to ramble on about Glasto anymore. This week has been a struggle in work and sleep wise. Had a most strange trippy sleep on Monday night. I think the body gets used to sleeping with large amounts of ale consumed and then to expect it to go to sleep straight away without a drink is asking too much. Im winding down on the ale with a planned last session a week today for the world cup final and then I think its time for some detox. My body is feeling that way and so is the snugness in my shorts. As Obi Wan would say ‘fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering” The path to the dark side. Well I feel like “Beer leads to food, food leads to weight and weight leads to suffering on my waist size” the path to being a fat cunt. I am typing this with a beer in hand and a biscuit boost in the fridge. It is a long lasting unknown law from 986 that states “The health regimeth doth always start on a Monday and one shouldth pig put one last time on a Sunday night.”

A quick reference back to Glasto (I promise no more) and there were no searches for drugs to get in which means I was gutted I left my world cup trophy behind. A replica World Cup trophy seized by anti-drugs police in Colombia is made out of cocaine, lab tests have confirmed. The 36cm (14in) statue was found in a delivery crate at Bogota airport. The crate was in an airmail warehouse waiting to be sent to an address in Spain, airport anti-drug chief Jose Piedrahita said. The World Cup replica was made up of 11kg (24 lb) of the drug, mixed with acetone or gasoline to make it mouldable. The gold-painted statue was found on a routine sweep of the airport on Friday, authorities said. Now ive never been good at art in school or making things for that matter but judging by the picture below I reckon I might have come up with a better effort. Maybe they had been at the cocaine before they made it. So if I make it to Glasto next year look our for the cheesy quaver with all the glowsticks and a life size world cup which looks like it was made by a 4 year old.

So how do you follow that ? Not much to blog about this week as I havent been doing much to blog about I will get try and be inspired next week. Maybe its writers block because my blog was 1 on the 3rd July. How time goes by, my first blog can be read here First Blog So this is blog 164 and with 10,495 hits so far and the best being 99 in one day I hope this blog has raised a smile or two in the year since I have been doing it. Oh well heres to another years ramblings, boozing and consumption of sausage rolls. Thanks for reading, spread the word and peace and love to you all.

Happy birthday blog

Fay x x


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