Hide and seek and new look blog.

So another week whiz’s by and as the blog is now a year old I thought it was time to refresh the blog with a new look. Something else that needs a refresh is Sky news. Every time I switch on it still persists in live coverage of the British hide and seek championship that is being held in Rothbury. We are also treated to live coverage of police cars with sirens going off. All this in high definition as well. So the latest news is that Raoul Moat is still on for the gold medal and with outstanding performance in this years event I am thinking of having a large bet on him to win gold at London 2012. I have heard however that the pre tournament favorite from Brazil is that good he still hasnt been found from the Brazilian 1998 hide and seek olympic trial. Whilst were getting the gags in the Irish hide and seek champion was caught after two seconds after standing behind the person who was on finished his count of 100. So day 6 and England’s finest Mr Moat is still on the loose. I wonder what the cost of the manhunt is so far ? In these tough economic times would it not have been easier just to let him slip away to Spain and open a bar up ? Mind you think of all that police overtime that would be lost. Oh well the game continues and looks like Moat is the last man and if he gets home before the person who is on then we are all free for another game I think we called it “relevio” when I was a kid, whatever that was ? Finally lifter this from viz top tips on Twitter. Northumbria Police, if u haven’t found Raoul Moat By Saturday, double the reward from 10k to 20k & call it a Raoul-over !

So the world cup draws to an end any my bet on Spain lives on. I have been doing them since I was 16 and Italia 90. Some 6 tournaments on and 20 years later I am still waiting for a payout, although I did back them to win Euro 2008. So I will settle down on Sunday night at a mates with a beer and hopefully it will be a great game in what has been a slightly disappointing world cup and as ever cheats have prospered, England have done shite and the Germans have got to another semi final. Just like any other recent world cup then. After going to Glastonbury next on my hit list is a world cup. With the possibility of England hosting it in 2018 and in 2022 I will be far too old for a world cup trip the only hope is Brazil 2014. I can just see me on the beach in Rio, breathing in my English lager filled belly, which by now is bright red wobbling away and I can here the choon of “Girl from ipanema” playing in the background. I could kill two birds with one stone and visit the christ the redeemer statue where when me and my mates were clubbers in the 1990’s we were going to have our millennium eve party there if we won the lottery and had decided on Donna Summers “State of independence” to be played when the sun come up on the new millennium. As it happened I spent it in the future in laws house and most probably played a board game !!!

And finally in scenes straight from the Willy Russell classic “Our day out” A penguin has been found wandering the streets of Dublin after she was stolen from the zoo in a suspected prank. The penguin was kidnapped by a gang of men at about 0800 BST from the Phoenix Park in the capital of the Irish Republic. It was discovered several hours later a few miles away in the north of the city. It is thought the men broke into the zoo and smuggled the penguin out in a bag before making off in a taxi. Trying to remember what animals were nicked from the zoo in our day out ? Picture below starts us off with a chicken, any others please post in the comments section.


Fay x x


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