Race for life, Anniversary and Liverpool monsoon.

So Sunday came and it was off to Sefton Park for Mrs Fay to do the race for life. So me and the kids went for a nice stroll in the park up to the starting line and the couple of thousand women and kids started of on the 5km run. So after a quick go on the charity mini golf course it was back to the finish to see Mrs Fay come home. I was handed a camera by the father in law to take some pictures for a friend who was also running. So I used my height advantage and was ready for some action shots with the camera. So after a few mins looking at the ladies jogging/sprinting down to the home straight my eyes felt like they were being hypnotized by the oscillations passing me every few seconds. Lets just say there was some, sorry many bosoms without the necessary support that is needed for a jog. Soon I was in a trance and struggling to concentrate on getting the picture of the lady in question passing me. I seen Mrs Fay and tried to get a snap of her but it was just a blur on the picture. It was then I thought shall I just take random shots of ladies. It then dawned on me that (A) The camera wasnt mine and (B) I didnt fancy ending up on the sex offenders register. So anyway I missed the photo that I was requested to take, but to be fair there was a lot of ladies in pink running past and a fair few other distractions on show as well. Congrats to everybody who finished and raised money for such a good cause, even the ones who celebrated with a fag once they finished. Perhaps they were raising money for their future research when lung cancer finally kicks in.

So to Monday and after a couple of hours at Broadgreen Hospital I was given the all clear on my knee, well for now. So now I have no excuse not to hammer the gym apart from 6 cans in the fridge and some munchies. Monday was my wedding anniversary. 7 years, where have they gone ? A lot has happened in them 7 years on a personal note from the highs of getting married, having two kids and going to two champions league cup finals. to the lows of losing my mum, my dad also being ill and the price of jumbo sausage rolls going up by at least 28p. So with the in-laws minding the kids the choice was Steves Chippy and a trip to bargain booze  or to go to Maranto’s on Lark Lane. Mrs Fay chose the latter. So we had a few drinks and were in early. No we both had work in the morning and not what your thinking, those delights stopped in the mid 2000’s ;0) So the seven year itch eh, still going strong and in for the long haul, couldve been in and out for manslaughter in 7 years. We didnt do any presents just cards and besides I dont need any Apple products at the moment but one thing I have seen is a Subbuteo Inflatable Soccer Pitch. Measuring 20ft x 12ft there’s enough room inside this squishy enclosure for 4 adults (c’mon, you didn’t think it was for kids, did you?). We suppose you could squeeze in a few extra friends, but seeing as you’ll need a bit of space to pull off those fancy nutmegs we suggest you refrain from full-on pitch invasions. The fun we would have had with one of these a kids come to think of it. I wouldnt mind having a world cup with my mates now using it. One drawback is the price £294.99. Steep indeed but then the hours of fun to be had with it, could just be enough to keep your kids quiet all summer, and the dads as well.

And so onto Tuesday and only one word to describe it “wet” As you may or may not know I am an amateur weatherman in my spare time and you can follow me on Twitter @Liverpoolweath or visit my weather web site Liverpool Weather Live So the stats are so far today 33.3 mm of rain. Thats over an inch. The wettest day I have recorded. That is also as much that fell in April (16.3mm) May (17.0mm) and June (24.4mm). July has seen 66 mm so far and thats more than April, May and June together. So you can see why there has been a hose pipe ban but that shouldnt last much longer. Many roads flooded today as well as public transport disruption. Been an interesting period of weather with the snow earlier on in the year and also a record low temperature of-10.2c. So all we need now is for some heat records to be broken in August. The pic below is from today and I think its Queens Drive by Dovedale Road but is the photographers name taking the piss ?


Fay x x


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