Kids lunch and a bit of decorating Zzzzzzzzzz

So the summer holidays are upon us and the thankless task of keeping the kids amused and the endless list of jobs given for me to do. So Friday is now traditionally swimming with the kids day. Elizabeth can now swim about 10 metres. Ok so its not olympic standard strokes but its enough and her confidence is great in the water as is Charlottes who is a master of the dive bomb unaided even at the age of just under three. Its important to get you kids in the pool early as they then dont develop a fear of the water as some poor child clearly had when his mum was trying to get him in the pool. Poor thing was petrified, not to mention a bit noisy. So then we went to see a friend Dave’s newborn (5 weeks) How cute they are at that age and they cant move and dont answer back and no need to tell them what to do. Then you remember they keep you up all night and are a machine of shite and sick and beating them at Wii bowling doesnt quite have the same satisfaction as beating Elizabeth. Speaking of which I am still unbeaten at Wii bowling. I refuse to let her win as soon she will win of her own accord and the sense of achievement for her will be good as will her seeing me disappear upstairs with a cob on. So it was then back to ours for lunch. So we decided to give out traditional Marks and Spencers picnic a miss and instead Daddy  (Jamie Oliver) decided to rustle up a new recipe. This was a succulent selection of noodles with a hint of chicken combined with frankfurters smoked on natural beechwood. Also knows as Tesco value noodles and hertha hot dogs but now given the great name of “Noodle dogs.”  The “Noodle dogs” went down a treat with the kids. They wait in anticipation of next fridays culinary delights and if all goes well I expect to have in the shops just in time by chrimbo my first book “Cooking with Faymondo”  which is guaranteed to be high in saturated fat, salt and low on nutrition but damn tasty, especially after a few alcoholic drinks *Disclaimer it is not recommended for children to drink unless over the age of 13 and on the local park. It seems though somebody has had the idea of “Noodle dogs” after a quick search of the interweb. Look at these bastards, and to think I just cut my hotdogs up and lashed them on top of the noodles. I feel ashamed now.

So after looking after the kids all day its down to the jobs Mrs Fay has left me. Washing, ironing, gardening, dusting and the never ending task of decorating the house. Just as you finish the last room its time for the first one to be done again. I mean come on whats wrong with woodchip wallpaper in each room and then you only have to go over it with a lick of paint. Each room should have only 1 light in with 1 bulb. I will make a special case of the through room I am in now and allow a second bulb. At a quick count there are 6 bulbs in this room. The bathroom is no better again 6 bulbs. Being green is all trendy now so why do 2 rooms have 12 bulbs between them ??? So I decided to get somebody in to help with the decorating, and no it wasnt the father in law as he is away in Greece. All off a sudden with my new handy helper my hate of decorating went. I found that 4 hours of wallpapering went so fast and I had a smile on my face as we worked together and soon the decorating was done and I was feeling upset. Im very proud of the work we have done and like a sad case I took a picture on my iphone so I suppose I should go and post it on here.

I nicked that off twitter and I havent done any housework today but I did make noodle dogs.


Fay x x


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