Darts round up and Mrs Fay back at her mums.

So onto the important news from the weekend and on Saturday it was our 11th annual darts championship. Just the five of us this year due to late drop outs and declined invitations. So to make a night of it we decided to have a round robin league to lose a player and semi’s and a final. This year the competition went outside Liverpool for the first time to sunny Whiston. So with one league game left the reigning champion, that being me needed to win to scrape through in 4th place. I held my nerve for the win. So semi final time and Moses beat John Wignell and I was up against number one in the league Colin Airey. A victory for me and into the final it was and could I claim my 6th victory ? It couldnt of started any worse and I lost the first five legs meaning I was 2 sets down and 1 leg down in the third set. I had to win the leg or that was it. I won the next two legs and was only 2-1 down in sets. Soon I had made it 2-2 and we went down to the last set. As a great sporting drama unfolded it was one leg each in the 5th set and it was down to a sudden death leg. Under the bright kitchen spotlights I managed to somehow nail the final double and from the edge of disaster came my greatest victory and a 6th world title. Soon it was 1am and my 12 cans of Magners had been necked and it was time to go home on the open top bus I had booked just in case I had won. Not many people on the streets at that time of night and I think the fireworks when I got into our road pissed the neighbours of but you dont get many world champions living in your road do you ? So we have decided to start of a second tournament to be held in a few months and I look forward to getting my name on the new trophy, whatever we decide on.

Like all good darts players I decided to keep my fitness regime up and went for a jog around Sefton Park on Saturday morning. It was about 20 mins 45 which isnt to bad for a lardy like myself. Between 2 other lads who played darts we have decided to do the Clitheroe triathlon. I am on the swim, just 400 metres and I bought some goggles today and need to get in the pool as the triathlon is on Sunday 22nd August. For the record Colin is on the 40km bike ride and Scott on the 9km run. I hope to do my first swim attempt on Wednesday and will be looking for around 8 mins on the day. Its 16 lengths of the pool and my trainer is going to put a sausage roll on a stick and hold it just in front of me when I swim. So I will post on here how the training is going and also news from the event itself. Just been the gym tonight and the aim is to play footy twice a week, go the gym twice a week and do a run once a week along with swimming training. Hopefully if I can cut the booze and munchies out (or down at least, gotta have some fun in your life) the planned knocking down of one side of the house so I can be lifted by a crane so I can do my weekly munchie shop at Marks and Spencers food wont be needed. The shape is coming on but I think I have over done it with the fake bake !!

So its with a heavy heart that I tell you that Mrs Fay moved back to her mums on Sunday night. The even worse news is that its only on a temporary basis to look after the in-laws mutt as they cocked up the dogs injections and the vet wouldnt take the fucking thing. Mrs Fay did come here with it on Saturday afternoon and as you can imagine the last word of my reply ended in off. So the dog was put straight in the garden and after 40 mins was on the way back to her mums, not after the fucker had left a big shit on my lawn !!! The dog cant be left on its own because it would wreck something in the house so there was no chance the smelly thing was wrecking any of my house whilst I was in bed and covering the place in hairs and leaving eau de dog lingering for weeks after. So Mrs Fay and the kids have left me and gone back to the in laws until they are back from their jollies. So Tuesday im having a back to the 051 rave night. Wednesday will be a chill out massive weed smoking session (Joke, drugs are bad unless your a student). Thursday is amateur pole dancing night. Friday is the usual beers and gaming night and hopefully the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud will kick off thus delaying the return home of the in laws and prolonging the dog sitting duties. I can then party into a second week. Failing that my lovely wife and kids will be back this weekend and I miss you all and my heart aches every moment all three of you beautiful girls arent here (cough, cough, ahemmm) x x x Im in mourning of this tragic event and I have put my facebook status as single until the wife is back ;0)


Fay x x


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