Bath salts, did they make me ill ?

Blog time and another big gap in between. My blogs are rarer than a student who fails A levels in this modern age. This break was caused by a bout of bacterial tonsillitis which knocked me for 6 early this week and I even had to take two days off work. No sick pay now I am my own boss and I had to catch hours up on Friday and Saturday. So pre illness and last Saturday I went out for a few scoops with the lads up Lark Lane and then headed towards Aigburth Vale. On the way we popped into St Charles social club on Aiggy Rd. One of the lads dads ran the place back in the day and another lad was the Jack Duckworth of the place. Nothing had changed since I was last in there in the 1990’s. I wonder if me and my mates will have a social club to go to or will we be in our houses/nursing homes playing the Playstation 5 ? Seems an age since my A level results and I remember the day for all the wrong reasons with my uncle dying the night before results day on his 50th birthday. Sorts of makes exams meaningless but my 2 d’s and one E got me into Liverpool John Moores and the chance to have a 4 year party. Them marks are most probably worth b’s and c’s these days. I noticed this on twitter and it is indeed Sam Cookes A level results (think about it !!! )

So Mrs Fay and the kids have left me again and this time a weekend trip to London. So party time this weekend, well errr maybe not. In bed for about 9.30 last night as it was a 7am start in work and then tomorrow its the triathlon I am taking part in. I am on the swim leg and that starts at 8.45am. So we will be leaving Liverpool about 6.30 am !!!! I havent managed to do any swimming training this week due to my illness so god knows what time I will do. So the Clitheroe triathlon awaits my belly flop into the pool tomorrow and then 16 lengths of the pool. So a busy weekend next weekend with my daughters birthdays on the horizon. 6 and 3 were did that time go eh and a nice bank holiday weekend to celebrate it. Fingers crossed for some decent weather. Just a bit of sun would be nice. So whats been going on in this great big world of ours ? Well drugs are back in the news I see and calls for the decriminalising of drugs from some quarters and other saying we need harder rules and the new craze is “Ivory Wave” bath salts. The government are even looking at cutting benefits for people on drugs. So this weeks news just drugs crazy. So lets go back to the bath salts. Ive blogged about meow meow  and oh look how last week that kids. Snorting that is like being in school and having a pair of Gola trainers on. So its in the bin with the plant food and bath salts here we come. Me being a mingebag wont pay £15 for a bit of Ivory Wave so I had a line of Radox instead. Wow all it done was made my eyes water and I sneezed about 5 times. For info it was the muscle soak variety and costs £1.25. I wonder what is next ? Stopping benefits for drug users will save the government a few bob and they (the government that is) continue cuts left right and centre but have found £67 million to give to Pakistan and thats more than the whole of Europe had given. Wasnt Mr Cameron saying that Pakistan funds terrorists the other week ?? So with all this in mind the Faymondo political party suggests that to kick start the economy and increase taxes and income for the government we can legalise all drugs. Think of the cash that would bring in and the huge boost to the economy. Free drugs also means less crime. All the pot heads would push the shares in chocolate companies through the roof and think of all the advertising for the new products. Its just money money money all the way. What would the drug lords do though ? A lot to think about with that policy. As for me im just thinking about my triathlon swim and getting home Sunday afternoon and having a nice relaxing bath to ease my aching muscles with my fave bath salt Ivory Wave. Just say no kids.


Fay x x


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