A Bergerac investigation.

So another blog and one last day in work and good news on the work front is that my contract has been extended until at least September which means that will be 1 year at Wakefield council and the decision to leave the comforts of Liverpool City council seems to of been a good one. As ive worked for a year without a break I think I will reward myself and the Fay clan to a week away in September and might as well go for my 37th birthday as birthdays are generally shite these days. So its the bank holiday weekend or as its better known now to me the girls birthday weekend with Elizabeth turning 6 on the 27th and Charlotte turning 3 on the 31st. So a very busy weekend indeed with various party’s on the go and numerous kids in the vicinity. No doubt by the end of both birthdays that the house will look like a toy store and the two girls will be spoilt beyond belief. Mrs Fay is a firm believer of party’s but im from the school of thought were my mum would offer me an extra £20 instead of a party and I always went for that option. I didnt have any mates to invite for a party anyway. So here is last years girls birthday blog Birthday madness. and no doubt I will have more musing to post after the bank holiday weekend.

So on twitter this week I noticed a copy of the advert below has been posted by @paulsaltysalt It was from the Liverpool Echo on Monday night. I unfortunately havent come across this watch so cant claim the finders fee. The thing is though why put an advert for a watch you lost in 1987 in the echo now ? I might be tempted to put in a similar advert saying lost 1 pair of Farah pants in Calderstones school swimming pool changies in 1987 although id be lucky if they fitted on one leg these days. So its obviously a code for something but what and who is William Ross. I was tweeting paulsaltysalt and he has phoned the number but it went straight to leaving a message and thats as far as my new found Twitter Bergerac friend had got with his investigations although I think he wanted to be Charlie Hungerford from Bergarac for all you Bergerac fans out there im afraid I dont have any more Bergerac related comments. I have to admit I was much more of a Taggart fan if only for liking to say “Chief inspector Taggert” in a very poor scotch (yes I  know its Scottish but I like to wind them up) accent. I’m talking proper Taggert here with Mark Mcmanus as the man himself. So is the advert for some lovers secretly communicating through the Echo or is it more sinister like a drug deal ready to go ? Very old skool to put such an advert in the papers these days as due to the technology we have. Ive seen stuff on the TV about when ransoms are going to be paid the police put strange adverts in the paper. I guess we will never know the true story or if indeed the watch was ever found.

So just a few snippets from the news and a few questions I raise on stuff in the news today.

  1. What size sports bag do you have to have to put a dead MI6 agent in or was he a midget ?
  2. When I had my daughters I told my friends and family their names. Why does David Cameron get to reveal his daughters name ?
  3. Would Wendy Lewis (The tart who pissed on the Blackpool war memorial then felt the need to perform a sex act) got a lower sentence if she had gone for a piss in the sea and gave a blowjob under the tower ?
  4. Why would you have personal CCTV on your bins ? To catch people throwing cats in them ?

Answers on a post card please, entries close 12pm Friday 27th August. Once again re point 4 will people stop worrying about fucking animals (thats not literally zoophillia) but worry about humans first and once we have our house in order we can start concentrating on the animals. I seen at least two cats pissing on the war memorial in Blackpool and a Labrador mounting a Jack Russell on the same memorial but nothing was said at all.


Fay x x


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