Matthew St festival and junk food Usain Bolt.

So so calm after the birthday madness and Monday we decided to take advantage of the good weather and head on down to the Matthew Street festival. We decided to get the train in and stopped of at the offy on the way there and in true shameless fashion we went armed with 10 cans of cider in the bottom of the buggy !! The festival was busy indeed and we caught a bit of the jarg Killers band down at the tunnel. We only watched from a distance as it was very busy and by the stage it was jam packed with the local kiddas deciding it would be good fun to throw and shower people in drinks and no doubt some piss mixed in as well. Just cant get my head around any amount of fun gained from throwing stuff like that, must be showing my age. We then headed to the local stage in Williamson Square and caught local female blues singer Connie Lush. A quick stop at the Lobster Pot by the Met Quarter to feed the family and the mother and father in law who kindly threw a bbq on Sunday for us. Connie Lush has a belter of a voice and I might go and see her in December at the Cavern. So up to water street armed with two pink blow up guitars for the girls (honest) and we caught the end of The Jam tribute band and some of the Small Faces tribute band. I got myself a great speck on a window ledge on the old Norwich Union building and the girls had their own stage (see below) and were rocking with their guitars. So a final stage visit to Tithebarn Street to see a Beatles tribute band called Revolver who were four young lads from Dundee. They played yes you guessed it the Revolver album. Some people were very impressed that Elizabeth knew a lot of the words to The Beatles songs. A combination of grandparents and Beatles rock band there. A final couple of pints outside The Railway Tavern and the end of a very good day indeed. It was early to bed as the daytime drinking caught up with me and the family had a nice day as well. The perfect end to a bank holiday weekend.

So having to work over 6 days this week in an attempt to make up hours lost from the bank holiday and listening to a podcast in work I came across some stuff I didnt know. Richard Bacon was interviewing Usain Bolt the fastest human being ever and he revealed his love of junk food. He said that before he broke the world 100m record and won olympic gold he feasted on chicken nuggets and some coke. He also has a taste for Mcdonalds and when Mr Bacon said I thought you would prepare with a salad Bolt replied “Thats rabbit food” Music to my ears as anybody who knows me will know thats the exact phrase I use to describe salad. So me and the worlds fastest man share views on nutrition. So after my leg of a triathlon the other week and the boost that my diet in similar to Usain Bolt’s I feel my target of olympic gold in the London 2012 olympics is on target. Just under two years left now and I am confident I can pick up a medal, thats a medal on the official video game for the xbox 360. I am a legend at button bashing as fast as you need. A busy September coming up with a 40th birthday party (no not mine you cheeky bastards) and going to see the cricket on Saturday. Next weekend its a concert and The Christians followed by a footy match against the police on Sunday. Going by Usain Bolts preperation it will be a quick pre match burger and chips washed down with a can of Cherry Coke. Then its hopefully a holiday late September and my birthday as well, all go eh. So must sign of and ive just been to Somerfield to buy some Usain Bolt hot dogs mmmmmmmmmmm.


Fay x x


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