Knicker tree and Jamon Ruffles.

So to part two of my holiday blog and with memories of Tapi still fresh in my mind we move quickly onto the knicker tree. On our walk down to the beach we passed a tree. Not a normal tree but a tree which grew knickers. As you can imagine my two girls age 6 & 3 found this highly amusing and it became an indicator to them on the way home that our apartments were only a couple of mins walk away. So just how did the two pairs on knickers become lodged in this tree ? Do all resorts have a knicker tree and this is the first one I have stumbled across ? I dread to think of the size of the knicker tree in Magaluf. It must be the size of a giant Calafornia Redwood. I have visions of small knicker trees sprouting up around Liverpool city centre on a weekend only for the council parks and gardens to cut them down by Monday morning. Anyway the knicker tree remains a mystery and didnt grow any bigger whilst we were on holiday.

So the holiday was going great, not too hot and some clouds now and again giving a nice break from the sun for me and the kids although the sun goddess that is Mrs Fay wasnt too impressed. Even had a great electrical storm on the last night which we all watched, well until the kids ran into the apartment. As usual on holiday seven days of beers and food takes its toll in the end and the gym must be hit next week. There was one food that we all fell in love with and consumed on a daily basis all fighting to grab the last before they went. Yes it was Jamon Ruffles which are crisps you can only get abroad. They are ham ruffles and we all became addicted to them whilst away, replacing our normal addiction to Nutella which for some strange reason we only have on holidays. We even brought a giant bag of Jamon Ruffles home with us and they were gone by Saturday afternoon !! So it is here I officially announce the international Faymondo Jamon Ruffles disaster appeal. All we ask is that if you are on holiday and see Jamon Ruffles (Large packs only) please bring them home and donate them to the appeal. You can do this by simply placing them outside my house in the specially adapted Jamon Ruffles collection box the kids have made. Remember 4 people have been affected by the Jamon Ruffles drought. In the aftermath there is a serious risk to the people who had been on holiday of potentially deadly withdrawal symptoms. The Jamon Ruffles raised will help fund the life saving work in Garston of the International Faymondo Jamon Ruffles appeal Members which are the lead UK aid agencies and their partners. I thank you in advance. For more details go to http://www.fay’

So onto the last day and I had been saving the best till last. I had been looking at a triple whopper in Burger King and polished one off, minus chips im not a fat bastard or anything ! Little did I know that such giant nurishment would be needed. After the traditional buying of fridge magnets and a last walk around the resort it was onto the coach and to the airport we headed. We got off the coach to be greeted by a 4 hour delay to the flight. How would we keep the kids amused. Soon this was a 6 hour delay and having got to the airport for 2.30 we were looking at the best part of 10 hours at the airport. Aghhhhhhhhh so the great idea of booking a day flight home had now turned into the nightmare of getting home after a drive from Manchester at 4am !! I couldnt even have a drink as I was driving the car home from Manchester to Liverpool. So after what seemed like an eternity we were finally onto the plane which was delayed due to the French air traffic controllers being on strike so planes had to go the long way around and also when in Manchester due to head out to us a kid went crazy before take off and their parents decided not to fly so their cases had to come of the plane causing more delay’s. So we all eventually got home very sweaty, tired and hungry. As I drove past M&S food on Speke retail the thought of doing a ram raid passed through my mind but off to bed I headed. So a lovely holiday until the way home and all was fine when I got back unlike last year Read blog here So its back to work tomorrow and im hoping its not a year until I have another week off.



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