Review of the week and Ryder cup in 3D (not)

First blog of the week, yep I know its very lazy and I hope to get back into a routine post holiday and get back the gym blah blah blah. So what has happened this week ? Tuesday seen the first speech from Labour leader Ed Miliband. Red Ed as he has been nicknamed ! More pink than red but he did give a big up to Ken Livingstone (Red Ken) or not so red Ken as he is now known. Must be tough for poor old Ed who has ripped the head of his brother and shit on his neck with the run on the rails to become Labour leader. The speech itself seemed to lack passion and came across a bit bland. It took until the next day for his brother David to finally all but say nice one Ed i’ll just hide in the background for the next 4 and a half years so you dont poop on me no more. I noticed that behind E-Mil were a line of children. Now I hope they had been granted leave for their little jolly to the Labour party conference ? With my holiday to Lanzarote last week we had to take Elizabeth out of school and asked for 7 days authorised absence. The school decided we can have 4 days but the other 3 must be unauthorised. Next year I think I will leave the holiday and just send the kids to sit behind Ed Miliband. Be warned though as going to going to a party conference at a young age comes with a health warning and before you know it youve turned into a married man who sleeps in the same bed as your 25 year old special adviser.

Enough politics eh except for I found out this week that Dr Fox is now defence secretary. I thought I hadnt seen him on the TV for some time. I wonder who is presenting the Pepsi top 40 chart now ? The Ryder cup has played a big part in my week and I almost succumb to temptation on friday and bought a 3DTV but some rare common sense kicked in and I resisted despite there being a cracking deal for £1000 on at Curry’s. Maybe I shouldve just put it on my credit card and paid it back at the rate set by the Germans. Germany is finally paying off World War I reparations, with the last 70 million euro (£60m) payment drawing the debt to a close. Interest on loans taken out to the pay the debt will be settled on Sunday, the 20th anniversary of German reunification. So by my quick bit of maths thats 91 years to pay back. I think I could afford to pay back the £1000 by 2101. I wonder what happens when you get drunk watching 3D and get double vision. Will you get the glory of 6D ? All this mention of D’s and my mind is thinking of 36 double d’s. But back to the blog in hand. So it will be just boring 2D HDTV for the final round of they Ryder cup and I will be sharing a few beers with the lads cheering Europe on and hopefully putting one over on the Yanks. At one point this morning my daughters didnt want to go into the conservatory and watch kids TV they were sat with me in the living room and we were booing the purples (USA) and cheering the blacks (Europe) So thats your lot for now.


Fay x x


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