Southside Johnny and my new muzzi

So time for another blog and whats been going on in the little world of me ? Well last night I went to see Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes. Who I hear you say. Well he’s in his early 60’s and started making music in the mid 70’s and was part of the Bruce Springsteen led Jersey shore sound. The music he plays is a blues with a hint of rock at times. So we went for a pint in “The Globe” by Clayton Square, a proper old mans pub. How I pine for the days to pass where I dont have to work and can just sit in Liverpool’s finest old mans boozers having a few pints a day and a little bet. It was then in for a quick pint in Ma Edgerton’s before heading to the O2 academy to watch the concert. Southside Johnny at times were excellent but also at times average. I much preferred the slower  songs than the rock sounding numbers and of course anything blues. The Asbury Jukes were an excellent band which were  a 4 man horns section, 2 main guitars, 1 bass player, 1 drummer and last but by no means least the keyboard player. A decent performance overall and the song of the night for me was “The Fever” So a post concert beer in O’Neill’s and I had the fever to have a chip barm from my beloved Lobster Pot. I had missed the last train home so had to get a taxi (I am a mingebag) and as we walked out the Lobster Pot the shutters came down so I nearly missed the chippy, which was the main reason went to the concert anyway.

Now I like the motto if it aint broke dont fix it. So when watching the football league show on BBC the other night it came to the bit were the league tables are shown. In days gone by at the end of Grandstand it was letters and numbers stuck to a board filmed by a camera then the computer age came and it was all computer graphics. Now alas a new twist to the tale. The football league show have decided to have the computer graphic but have the presenter (Manish Bhasin) look sideways at the table as he talks about who has moved up and down etc ? What is the reason for this ? First up the graphic is smaller as he takes up a third of the screen and second he looks like a proper tit as he says and let’s look at league one and then turns to look at the table (Which he obviously cant see)  This gave me an idea that we could swap the graphic and maybe have one saying nothing here you bell end or a picture of a naked fat man with a willy like a walnut whip. Oh well needed to get that off my hairy chest.

So its halloween on Sunday night and time to get the traditional hope I dont see my mother in law out on her broomstick and im sure she has put a spell on me gags out of the way. No doubt we will do something for the kids and I will end up having a few beers and eating loads of chocolate and sweets. Looks like somebody has put a spell on Indonesia. Parts of it was hit my another Tsunami this week and another part hit by a volcano. The footage from the original boxing day tsunami still astounds me (The geography geek in me) and I donated some money to the cause as I felt guilty with my chrimbo prezzies, loads of ale and selection boxes. Speaking of charity I am ready to do “Movember” this year and this time in the correct month of November as opposed to December last year. So on the 31st I will be shaving my beard I have grown down to a muzzi. After last years porn star style I think I will go for a classic “Kevin Webster” look this year. I know times are tight with money but any donation is appreciated. I managed to raise just under £200 last year so thats this years aim. Some come on it will be worth it to see me crusing the streets of Liverpool with my new muzzi and getting funny looks in the gym. Here is the donation page Link Here and I will post the first pic of my new bumfluff on November 1st.


Fay x x


2 thoughts on “Southside Johnny and my new muzzi

    1. Oh dear, corrected. I knew that as well but if you the check the spelling in most my blogs its poor !!! Only just started listening to them a few weeks back ready to go a concert with a friend. Good stuff, some of it.

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