The last Taboo

So Friday night and it was to the wedding celebration of friends Mick and Rachel. They had a belter marquee in the garden complete with bar and two girls serving. Just a bit disappointed that Mick didnt have a pole in there and some extra entertainment for the lads but you cant have it all eh. So I was planning on taking it easy and making it back to ours just after midnight to catch some cricket and then be fresh for Saturday and go the gym to keep up my good run of going 4/5 times a week. Alas the plan went a bit wrong. It was a good night on the muzzy front and raised £30 sponsorship which takes me to £155 and if you wish to donate you can do so by clicking here It was a bad night on the alcohol front. Excuses first, I had been the gym just before I went out and had no tea and only had a few of the sausage rolls from the buffet. As ever as I dont eat normal buffet food the hosts mother made me a special plate of sausage rolls just for me. So onto the booze front. Well a few shots of Vodka and it wasnt too bad. It was then I broke the last taboo of drinking. Yes drinking Taboo. Taboo is a light, refreshing drink bursting with flavour, made from an intriguing blend of white wine, exotic fruit juices and vodka. Well thats what the blurb says. My review is Taboo is a twat of a drink even though its only 15% ABV it made me suffer memory loss and be sick. Its in a different bottle from when I last drank it and the blurb on that is “Key modifications to the new bottle include an introduction of bold silver circles to the label. Taboo’s distinctive swirl is highlighted within the design in the colour of the variant; Original, Blue or Ruby. The result is a contemporary look, which conveys the fun and lively image of Taboo. Serve indicators on the neck of the bottle also demonstrate to both consumers and the on-trade the mixability of Taboo, which can be served over ice, or with lemonade, in refreshing summer pitchers.” My take is the new bottle disguises the same piss poor drink inside. Its not ideal for having shots of  an I didnt have fun or uphold the lively image of Taboo. Taboo is not ideal for wedding celebrations in a marquee in Rachel and Micks garden. Yes to my shame I cant remember coming home and was sick by the side of my bed and then must have gone the toilet leaving a trail of sick along the landing. Hello my name is Neil and im an alcoholic. I can only put this down to a dodgy sausage roll (another excuse they were lovely Rachels mum.) Its been many a year since I have been sick due to grog and hopefully it will be many a year to the next time. So after waking up about 11am and feeling like shite and not actually making it back to my bed I slept until 5pm when the kids arrived home and planet reality kicked in. So thats the body clock fucked and hence why I am doing this blog at 00:54. Takes me back to 1994 when I was a student and changed my body clock to Australian hours for The Ashes. Decided I was suitably recovered enough to have a beer by 9pm or was it the distant noise of x-factor driving me to drink ? Hello my name is Neil and im an alcoholic. So I will be able to catch some cricket well into the night. Determined not to be sick tonight so just sticking to the Budweiser and no Taboo in this household or Tabooooooooooooo as I was drunkenly calling it and dishing it out to my victims. I hope they all felt as shite as me today. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Hughes and I hope I didnt do anything silly in my lost time.

Lesson learned, I think not. Time for another beer. Hello my name is Neil and im an alcoholic.


Fay x x


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