A Scouse nativity

(Mary is sitting on deck-chair outside her housing association house. Angel Mercedes and Angel Britney are standing on the street corner) Angel Mercedes: The story we are about to tell took place last Friday, but it has been told and retold more than any other story down the dole office. Because of it, millions of […]

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A snow appeal from Garston.

So the snow has come down and still is. As a keen weather bod you might say I was a tad excited and my weather tweets on @liverpoolweath went into overdrive with lots of pics of the snow coming down. I even received reports of snowmen being built in town and on Facebook a friend […]

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Antiques roadshow argos style.

So having my normal beers and generally doing nothing on my PS3 and Twitter and Facebook on Saturday night I came across a tweet which for some strange reason I found fascinating. It was a flikr site which contained a scan of the Argos catalogue from 1985. yes it was really 25 years ago. For […]

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Smelly students rise up.

So this big news story is those dam smelly students on the rampage again. I found myself watching the action actually willing them on like I was watching a footy match which was a bit strange. I wasnt wanting them to wreck the place or cause injury to anybody but it wouldve been a mighty […]

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