The bidding starts here, bumming allowed.

So it looks like I will be an old man should the world cup ever returns to the snowy shores of England.  Despite having the best bid England just got two votes and one of them was from our fella. What a shambles. You could tell we hadnt won as Prince William or Big Willy as Kate calls him had a face that looked like he had just been told his brother was in fact only his half brother. So 2018 and Russia won the bid. The only I liked about that bid was the bird in the Bet Lynch leopard skin gear (see pic below) which was part of their bid team. On reflection she wasnt as nice as I thought but I suppose in my moment of despair of England losing the bid I was looking for a silver lining to that cloud. I mean in the cold winter with a bottle of Vodka I might be tempted to snuggle up to her if I wasnt married. With the current weather conditions I might get down to Primark and get Mrs Fay a copy of that dress go out in the Moscow type weather we are having and then neck some cheap vodka and have some world cup bidding role play !!! So after 2018 its 2019, then 2020. I will stop here as Im expecting a remix version of 20/20 by George Benson to be released. What a cunning bastard. I thought Prince had it sussed with 1999 but George had laid down a future bomb with that 2020 song. What vision will we have in 2020 ? If we are going 3D now who knows what vision we will have by 2020. But I digress and after 2020 (visionnnnnnnnn) its 2021 then off to Qatar for world cup 2022. I will be approaching the big 49 and thats just my waist size. I dont think I will be going to the Qatar world cup. First up no booze and also this law. Article 201 of the Qatari Penal Code punishes sodomy between consenting adults (irrespective of sex) with up to five years of imprisonment.” No bumming enough to put anybody off of any sexual leaning. I mean who doesnt like a few beers before the game followed by a quick bum then go the match have a few beers and if your lucky another bum at half time followed by post match scoops and if your team has won a group bum. Just a little insight to the match going antics of a male for you women. Its then back home after the match to your missus. We all know of course that front bum from wives is now reserved for birthdays and chrimbo (21 days 9 hours and counting) never mind the illegal activity that doesnt go on in Qatar. So no doubt the 21 members of FIFA are a few bob richer this morning and no doubt some of them would have had a bit of free bumming thrown in.

Next up a big thanks to everyone who donated for my Movember muzzy. At present I have raised £215 beating last years £186. But the world cup bid is the big story at the moment and I have decided to open up the bidding for my 40th birthday celebrations. All bids must be lodged by 18th September 2012 ( my 39th ) I will then have a year to inspect and visit each bidding city an be offered bribes and maybe some bumming, although you can give the Bet Lynch leopard skin gear a miss. Then In July 2013 I will announce the winning bid. Just a point of note dont bother bidding England. In other news the wikileaks web site has been up down then up again etc but I managed to get the following leak. “July 2018 England knocked out by Germany on pens in the round of last 16 of the Russian world cup.” “July 2022 England player gets super injunction to stop us revealing who got caught bumming in Qatar” Well thats enough for now. Only so many times you can crack bumming gags. Im just of to email Peter Tatchell and Elton John to see if I can have their VIP hospitality tickets for the 2022 world cup.


Fay x x


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