Antiques roadshow argos style.

So having my normal beers and generally doing nothing on my PS3 and Twitter and Facebook on Saturday night I came across a tweet which for some strange reason I found fascinating. It was a flikr site which contained a scan of the Argos catalogue from 1985. yes it was really 25 years ago. For those of you as sad as me here is the link to look through the catalogue and tick of some chrimbo prezzies. Argos 1985 So where do we start ? Lets go through the catalogue highlights. First up is the garden section and a top of the range Flymo is £99.95, wow thats some serious money for 1985 when we were in recession, riots on the streets and tories in power. Well some things never change and Flymo’s are still a ton. I can see this blog heading in the direction of a game of the price is right, “come on down”. Oh how I loved that show with Leslie Crowther. But back to the classic 1985 Argos catalogue. Next up of note is car seats. Did we really have baby seats in 1985 ? I remember nearly a whole under 12’s footy team lying down in the back of a Cortina estate. Anyway a Kangol child’s safety seat sets you back, yes £23.99. So we flick through some more pages. Cant wait until the underwear section, oh bollocks that was my mums Littlewoods catalogue, how exciting were they to a 12 year old me in 1985 ? Whats next, get in its the gadget section. So after a selection of camera’s with films in, films whats that all about ? Fancy having to wait 3-5 days to look at your pictures only to find out only 4 out of the 24 film were any good. You had three just black pictures and the customary picture of somebodys knob who has stole your camera and not forgetting the shot of somebody on the loo looking shocked. Oh it was only me with them kind of pictures. Luxury lighters next , ha ha in the days when you could be a proud smoker. The top lighter would set you back £16.99. Mind you it was a Colibri “Jetric” electric gas lighter. Flame nozzle protected by automatically opening and closing metal lid. A sunbed next £119. But nobody was orange back in the 80’s. I reckon everybody just burnt themselves red and never went on the bastard things again, that certainly happened with my mum, dad and sister. I was too young to go on our 80’s sunbed but to be honest I was still busy with that Littlewoods catalogue.

And it goes on, next the world famous Elizabeth Duke Argos jewellry . How I saved those pennies to get Mrs Fay’s engagement ring from there ! Was that a joke or not ? So I will leve you with the latest cutting edge Sony Walkman, well not in the Argos. Just quality makes like Ross and Crown. Some nifty looking ghetto blasters next £199 for a single tape and radio Phillips, which can run on 10 batteries for about 13 mins otherwise you need your own nuclear power reactor if you wanna play your electro synth on the streets. ZX Spectrum anybody ? A cool £119.95 for 48 k memory ! Looking at the toys its amazing how many have not actually changed that much but here is the main point of the blog and where my antique collection is revealed for the first time ever. Ok I admit to having a bit of OCD (obsessive compulsive order) when it comes to the knife, fork and spoon I eat with. So when I moved to live with my nan in 1992 I took my own knife, fork and spoon with me. When I moved in with my girlfriend to become wife in 2004 I brought the cutlery with me. To my great disgusts Mrs Fay has lost my knife so I am only down to a fork and spoon, which nobody in the house can use but me ! So when looking at the 1985 Argos catalogue to my great astonishment on page 119 its only my fave knife fork and spoon, or as its better known the “harmony” collection. Just £8.99 for a 24 piece set. How my parents lived it up eh. So in true antiques roadshow style here is the valuation of the fork and spoon I own. Now because I only have 2 out of the three the valuation comes in at just £2.99.Should I have had the full set the value of my cutlery for insurance purposes would be £2000 to £3000. Fookin ell Mrs Fay fancy losing my knife !! I wouldnt sell them for the world and must have been eating with them for the last 20 years at least !!! Here is the picture to prove my collection is real.


Fay x x


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