A snow appeal from Garston.

So the snow has come down and still is. As a keen weather bod you might say I was a tad excited and my weather tweets on @liverpoolweath went into overdrive with lots of pics of the snow coming down. I even received reports of snowmen being built in town and on Facebook a friend of mine came across a giant snow penis as big as her complete with bollocks! So up early this morning and on the hunt for a sledge. Finally found one at Smyths on the Speke Retail park. £9.99 for a bit of plastic, I reckon they were only £3.99 yesterday, robbing bastards. But at least we have them now for every year it doesnt normally snow. A quick attempt to get to Holts field was aborted this morning as I couldnt get up Mossley Hill Road. So as ever in the cold weather we need to look after certain parts of the community. Mrs Fay will be popping around later to see my Nan and bring her a Saturday chippy tea. Might as well get one myself. As its still snowing now I am putting out an appeal for the safe delivery of 6 cans of bud (500 ml please) one pack of steak Mccoys, a Twix and 6 snack size sausage rolls. On checking I am down to my last 1 can of bud, out of Twix’s and not a sausage roll in the house. Which with the forecast is not good planning. So please if anybody can make this emergency aid delivery please contact me and remember there wont be sausage rolls in Garston at christmas time……………..and tonight thank god its them instead you ! Also at this time of year and especially in times of bad weather it is a tough time of year for the birds. I had several reports on Twitter last night that the birds were having plenty to drink but were struggling with the conditions. Indeed a flock was caught in town wearing very short skirts and shoes that you struggle to walk in on a normal night never mind out little blast of the artic. Being a keen bird watcher I was a bit sad to miss out on this sight although reports to me indicated that all of these birds at least had two nuts stashed in the front of their skimpy dresses and the nuts were at least the size of footy studs. So no doubt more sledging today, although you couldnt beat sledging in the o-five-one in 1994.

So I await reports of Liverpool coming to a standstill and the rest of the country. No doubt grit and salt will be on the verge of running out. So breaking news that the Liverpool game is off. I reckon all games should be played in a sunnier climate, maybe somewhere like Qatar. Might even be worth holding a world cup in a place like that ? On the weather front. Looks like staying cold into next week and will this snow still be about for Chrimbo ? Luckily I work from home so I will be making it into work on Monday morning as I think I will be able to navigate down the stairs in this weather. So just a quick weather related blog today and remember the appeal for the resident of Garston. I will update you on the progress of the appeal later on and have got the kids on the job making a Blue Peter style totaliser. The aim being 24 cans, 4 Mccoys, 6 Twix’s and a whopping 35 sausage rolls. You can do it folks.


Fay x x


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  1. Good stuff as always – the snow in England is an amazement for me…we get pounded every year with it, and this snow is really screwing up England…

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