LFC’s next manager and an exciting ipad PDF.

So my lazy blogging start to 2012 continues with only my 2nd blog of the year. If truth be told I havent actually done that much thats given me cause to blog and its been pretty quiet in the news. So what we gonna natter on about today ? Well ive hit the new dizzy interesting heights and found that you can load PDF files (If I have lost you already then sorry) onto my ipad to read. So what did I start with well it was a document entitled “Universal credit, welfare that works” from the department for works and pension website. Im such a party animal these days, but in my defence  it is work related and could have a very large impact on my job. An impact so big that I might not have a job. I will cross that bridge if we get to it and will be out begging on here if the shit hits the fan. So as mentioned nowt much going on in the ickle world of Fay. I have decided to now work 40 hours a week from 36. Yes I am a money grabbing bastard but hey ive got an addiction to M&S simply food to feed. I have a concert lined up for the end of the month which im going to see the support act who is Henry Preistman. The main act is Port Isaac’s fisherman’s friends. Who I hear you say. Well just another of my more strange musical tastes and whilst we are at it I got a CD (Yes CD remember them things) from Otis Taylor called “Recapturing the banjo” which is well worth a listen. Getting lots of play on my iphone is the Beatles box set I have loaded onto it. As a music fan I had noticed that I had never listened to any Beatles albums only “best of’s” etc so their entire album collection is keeping me busy in work. A little trip to Wroclaw in Poland is lined up for February which will give me some good blog material but otherwise its a quiet month and an ideal chance to get stuck into “Universal Credit, welfare that works” !!

So onto things in the news. First up is the demise of Liverpool FC. I dont blog on sport if I can help it but Liverpool are in the shit a bit. So with odds of 20/1 to get relegated. I put ten of my hard earned pounds on this. I can hear the groans now, how can you put a bet on like that. Well I insure my house and hope that I never get paid out. This bet is insurance. If Liverpool get relegated I get £210 to cushion the blow. If the prospect of this grows I will have a few more insurance bets. So in the end I might have £100 riding on them to get relegated but I would happily forsake that to see them remain in the premier league. A cunts bet you may say but you have to cover all bases and if the unthinkable happens (they win a game !) I mean get relegated I will have enough money to blot out the pain for a bit.

So pope John Paul II is to become a saint. Now to become a saint you have to of performed a miracle. The Vatican credits him with the miraculous cure of a nun said to have had Parkinson’s Disease. Church officials believe that the Polish pope, who himself suffered from the condition, interceded for the miraculous cure of Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, a Frenchwoman in her late forties. She has said her illness inexplicably disappeared two months after John Paul II’s death, after she and her fellow nuns had prayed to him. Ahhh the waft of holy bullshit. But as Blackadder would say ” I have a  plan thats as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed the professor of cunning at Oxford university” I suggest that once King Kenny leave the Liverpool job that the club look no further than Pope Benedict XVI. It is going to take a miracle to get Liverpool back to anywhere near where they need to be. Then once he leads us to that elusive premier league title and dies, that can be his miracle to aid his beatification. Perhaps King Kenny might do it himself to become Saint Kenny………………..oops just woke up with my head in my cornflakes. Had a weird dream that Kenny Dalglish manager of Liverpool again, taking us to the league title. The Tories were also back in power and the Yorkshire ripper was in the news. Must have all been a 1980’s dream.


Fay x x


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