Never look dodgy and KFC hen lives.

Blog time and the week has been as gloomy as the fog outside as I decide to do a six day week (Money grabbing bastardo) Ok so Friday and Saturday are AM only but hey six 7 AM (ish) starts are enough for one man. So it was breaking news this morning that the police had arrested a man in the Jo Yeates murder case. A family in ruins and a young girl dead. Another life in ruins is the life of Chris Jefferies, yep the dodgy looking landlord who was arrested a few weeks back. He still might have a part to play in the case but described as “a pillar of society” the papers went to town at the time of his arrest but will no doubt never redress the balance. I know he looks like a villainous character from a Scooby Doo cartoon but admit it when you seen the picture of him you thought well thats, that weirdo nailed. But it might well be his only crime was to have a half comb over of what can only be described as a very poor Jimmy Saville impression. Now here is another man with what is a dodgy hairstyle and dodgy reputation. Now I had a look on the internet over this and came across some truly amazing allegations. Now I know the internet is full of shite but some of the names that I came across did surprise me and others didnt. I will not go into anymore detail on here but a quick google and you are into some very serious allegations. 99% of them most probably shite but it does make you think what the secret handshake gang are/still are getting away with. Some of the alleged things that went on caused ministers to be shipped out to European or resigning from ministerial posts for personal reasons. This brings me onto the news today that shadow chancellor Alan Johnson is resigning from Labour leader Ed Miliband’s frontbench team, citing “personal” reasons.He is replaced by Ed Balls, previously the shadow home secretary. Mr Balls’ wife, Yvette Cooper (im assuming she didnt want the surname Balls) takes over the home affairs brief. Mr Johnson said he had “found it difficult” to cope with issues in his private life while shadow chancellor. Now I am not for one moment suggesting anything dodgy has gone on but in the future this could be started up as a rumour and this standing down used as part of the story. I actually like Alan Johnson even if as a chancellor he didnt know his arse from his elbow but then again neither does George Osborne ? Better off getting Ozzie Osbourne in charge of the budget. So remember never judge a book by its cover unless you a landlord from Bristol with a spare pizza or a shell suit wearing old man with lots of gold on and a large cigar saying “now then now then young girl”

This story doing the rounds on the BBC website.  A live hen was thrown through the open window of a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant in Warwickshire. RSPCA inspectors say they want to speak to the two men who approached the restaurant in Bermuda Park, Nuneaton, on a moped on Tuesday evening. A third man filmed the pair and the footage has since appeared on the internet. Inspector Helen Smith, from the RSPCA, said the bird was not harmed but did suffer some distress. Now as a chicken I think the last place you would want to be thrown into is a KFC. The hen was most probably thinking oh shit im heading straight to the fryer here but look on the bright side I might get to find out what the colonels secret recipe is. Helen Smith “It’s just completely irresponsible to abandon an animal in this way. I mean come on that could have been extra crispy with a garlic marinade ” The RSPCA is now looking for a new home for the hen, which it has named Mrs Sanders. I wonder if Helen Smith from the RSPCA has ever been to KFC ? Anyways heres the footage from youtube.


Fay x x


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