Keys, Gray and Fay = Cavemen

Keys & Gray and female linesman

So Saturday lunchtime and I nearly choked on my Seabrooks crisp butty. Wolves V Liverpool and a female linesman (Assistant referee in new money) Now I admit I am a bit of a caveman when it comes to this. Not only was it a female linesman (lineswoman or lineshuman if we are going to get arsey about it) she looked about 18. The linesman involved was Sian Massey. Now I will go with my first instinct of this just isnt right. I know its 2011 but some things still look silly. Now Miss Massey wouldve been better off making my seabrooks crisp butty, hoovering my living room (not whilst the match is on) or doing other such stereotypical stuff. (That line might just earn me a frying pan around the head from Mrs Fay never mind Miss Massey) So the match kicked off and the first Liverpool goal went in. The goal when watching live looked a fair bit offside. But credit were credit is due Miss Massey got the decision spot on.  In fairness she had a very good game. I jest of course with my caveman views (honest) and believe in equal rights for women. Indeed I have moaned on previous blogs on that women put up such a fight for women to vote that any woman who doesnt vote might want remember the struggle to gain that vote and for the record I think everybody should vote, even if you spoil your paper. So it comes out in the daily mail ( I dont read it the link was on Twitter) that Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys are at the centre of a sexism row after they questioned whether a female assistant referee knew the offside rule during a Premier League match. The commentators, who apparently believed their microphones were switched off, were recorded making disparaging remarks about Sian Massey, 25, before Liverpool’s Premier League clash with Wolves on Saturday. They also criticised Apprentice star and West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady, who had written about sexism in a newspaper column on Saturday. (The link at the top of this blog has the audio for you to listen to) So it seems that caveman Fay has two more high profile fellow cavemen. The difference being that I didnt have a mic on and about 100 people tops will read this blog. To be fair to Keys and Gray most women wont know the offside rule but alas I think a female premiership linesman some how will ! I include a poll below for all my female readers to vote in. So it will be interesting to see the fall out from this sexist diatribe as the Daily Mail puts it and no doubt next up will be the Mail’s “it was all the fault of immigrants” diatribe.

Away from the 1940’s world of sexism and its now been a week since I bought Kinect for the xbox 360. Whats Kinect some of you say. In short its a plug in device for the 360 which means you dont need a controller. So first game I got was Dance Central which is a game where you dance in your living room copying the moves on screen. Now me and Mrs Fay settled down to play this with a couple of bottles of wine and I have to admit she put me in my place and I thought id never see the day when I was beaten at dancing to “Pump up the jam” by Technotronic. Furthur defeats to ‘Funky Town” and “Poker Face” followed and the final nail in the coffin was Salt’N’Pepa’s “Push it” So I retired with my tail between my legs with the new knowledge that women can be better than men at things (joke) So next time we play I am going down the route of athletics and the likes of Ben Johnson etc. Im gonna buy an ecstasy tablet (Or Gary Ablett to us scousers) and whooop Mrs Fays arse at Dance Central and just hope that the authorities dont select me for the post dance drugs test. A second game I bought was “Your shape, fitness evolved) I donned my leg warmers and shorts and had a go of this game. 45 mins later with a sweat on I had burned over 600 calories . The kinect device measures all movement in your body and you do various work outs etc. So I have my own xbox personal trainer, luckily for me you can switch her off because after a shower I settled down for a glass of diet coke and a Crunchie !!


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  1. I hate footie- just want to make that clear first of all!! I’m a woman and I have no idea of the offside rule and would never want to know!! I don’t think it’s suprising at all that these comments were made as I think that most old men think the same! I’m glad that they’ve been dropped from tonights match and that disciplinary action should be taken as if the comments were overheard in any office then the Equal Ops board would make sure that they were made to pay for what was said! I also think that it’s probably not just women who don’t know the offside rule- there’s probably a lot of men out there who are not interested in footie, that won’t the offside rule either. Good blog- I’m glad it’s not been made into a HUGE issue and is being kept in perspective- it’s only a game and I think Sian was probably expecting it!! 🙂

    1. Yep its all gone a bit mad over it hasnt it. Two people caught out, lots of people muttered similar things no doubt. Just waiting for the sunday’s to dig out some dirt on the girl. Already posting pics of her from myspace in swimming gear and dancing !

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