Double, double dips and more Keys/Gray

So the last quarter of last year seen the economy shrink by 0.5% or half of one percent as they like to say. Whats wrong with half a percent ? Now we need not worry about economic gloom because according to our government it was due to the weather. Now being a keen amateur weatherman I cant recall the period October 1st to 31st December being blighted by such weather that I was unable to spend money. There was some cold weather at the end of November and then from early December to just before chrimbo. Indeed if anything I spent extra money on two sledges, and how many other parents did as well. I seem to recall christmas being in this period as well which surely would boost sales. Vince Cable was due to speak about the figure just after it was announced but his car was delayed (not due to snow may I add) So pork pies left right and centre. How much more bullshit are we going to take ? Its all well and funny the rail companies using snow as an excuse. What next from the government, the wrong type of leaves fell in October and because of this the economy shrunk by 0.25% or would that be a half of a half of one percent ? So forget about the scaremongering of climate change (global warming) its now cold spells we should be shitting ourselves about as a bit of Jack frost or snow sends the economy into a double dip recession. We could however eat our way out of recession by all becoming addicted to double dips. Yes those lovely (ish) sherbet sweets which came with a swizzle stick to help you scoop up the sherbet. I preferred just to get my boy scout membership card out and rack up a few lines on the school desk during playtime. That would send us into geography on a friday afternoon with a real buzz, not to mention tears streaming from our faces and sneezing all lesson. That was the last time I played Miami Vice in school.

So unemployment keeps on rising (Not more politics I hear you mutter) no this time its Andrew Mullen Gray who makes it one more on the jobless total. Now I mentioned this on my previous blog just as it was breaking. Here Im not Andy’s biggest fan and its a bit dubious that all this stuff has come out with him suing the News Of The World and it gets a bit murky on who owns what. The original sound recording is also dubious, its clearly not from his mic he was wearing so its from elsewhere. Was it another studio mic or was he actually being bugged again (opportunist mobile phone ? ) So a man who is suing over being bugged has lost his job by possibly being bugged by near enough the same people he was suing. What he said was wrong but most males who watch footy would of had similar thoughts. If you didnt your obviously a “new man” and its a fuckin surprise your bird let you watch the footy (must have cost you a fortune in gifts and forfeits you big pansy) Shit let my guard slip there, any women upset at that “Do me a favour” as Richard Keys would say. Even Mrs Fay thinks its all a bit mad as she even thought whats a young girl doing being linesman. Reminds me of the Brand/Ross debacle when it ended up at an amazing amount of complaints coming in well after the show was broadcast and the media scrum which surrounded that. So what next for Gray. Not much demand for a sexist, old man with hair like shredded wheat. But he will end up somewhere. Keys should go as well and if anything its a chance for Sky to spruce up their footy coverage as them two bints have been doing it for 20 years. So no more “The final word” on a Sunday after the match and my final word is let us pray for no more snow this winter our economy just cant take it. At least these linesmen disguised as women can boost the ecomony by shopping and purchasing “Henry” hoovers.


Fay x x


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