Valentines plan scuppered.

So whats been going on in the world of Fay, well not much. I had a few scoops for the match around at a mates and played Buzz quiz on the PS3 where Moses beat me in one game. Now being ultra competitive I wasnt too happy with this but soon won my title back. Another six day week in the bag and indeed another one this week in preparation for a few days off from Next Wednesday as I go on the piss in Wroclaw in Poland. News just in as well that the first of our gang of lads reached 40 so another piss up has been arranged for May and this time the destination is Fuengirola in Spain. So two trips in a few months. This is gonna cost me a fortune in flowers and cards for Mrs Fay not to mention a handsome present on each occasion.

This was on the BBC web site today. A mother has been given an official police caution for leaving her 14-year-old son in charge of his three-year-old brother. So at what age can children be left at home alone without parental supervision? A mother-of-three from the Thames Valley area has been cautioned by police after leaving her 14-year-old son at home with his little brother. Sources quoted in the Sunday Times are reported as saying the mother, in her 40s, was away for 30 minutes, the time passed without “incident” and the toddler was never in any danger. Oh dear that puts a spanner in the works as I was gonna offer a friends 15 year old lad some extra pocket money on Valentines night as I whisked Mrs Fay off her feet and wined her, dined her and sixty got the train home with her. Oh well might as well ring out the last of my Sky Sports subscription before it expires and watch Fulham V Chelsea on Monday night football. Who said romance is dead ? At least the lucky ladies of Richard Keys and Andy Gray wont have to put up with an excuse from them this Valentines night. *** I started this blog on my lunch today and by the time I finished work Keys and Gray had landed a new job on Talk Sport. They start on Valentines day but can still make it out in the evening that is unless the join fellow dogger, sorry I mean lady beater, sorry I mean station host Stan Collymore takes them for a good old lads night out. Im sure the discussion would be high brow and Germaine Greer could come along as well to join in the discussion and share experiences of being “smashed”, beaten up and her fave dogging sites.

Finally Feb 4th would have been my late mums birthday. She never got to see my youngest daughter Charlotte so I was explaining to her that it was nana’s birthday today and that she never got to see nana as she is in heaven. Charlotte replied ” awwww she’s dead, does that means she has to stay in hospital forever” well it brought a smile to my day. RIP Lilian May Fay x x


Fay x x


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