What no Sunday Sport and a whole lot of Zumba.

So its with a heavy heart that I bring you more shocking news. The last blog was about the demise of the I.M.Marsh. This time its the demise of the Sunday Sport. How can we forget headlines like “London Bus found frozen in Antarctic Ice” or indeed “World war II bomber found on moon” Ah the joyous days before immigrants and Al Qadea. Petrol was nearly as cheap as coca cola. Which reminds me of one of my fave lyrics from a Henry Priestman song  Greys the new blonde “When I first met you petrol was cheap” So apart from the high class reporting (still pisses on todays Daily Mail) what about the amount of boobs in there. OK I admit a lot of them were like a bit not real. Indeed some of them looked the size of the moon and may well of been hiding a London bus in between them. What will the white van and truckers of the U.K now proudly display on their dashboards ? Is there a gap in the market ? Do I sense a new more modern version to be created ? How about an Ipad version. Am I to be the new soft porn magnet of Speke/Garston. I could also be editor and come up with some headlines. So here it goes.

Nick Clegg secret child of Thatcher born in 1967.

Michael Jackson still alive working in a nursery.

Japan earthquake a hoax, special edition of endurance being filmed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=109-5Q5S3tU

Roy Hodgson to be new manager of Liverpool after Benitez.

Free sausage rolls for people with a surname of Fay.

So it wont be missed and it was quite frankly shite but soon I wont be able to go on the I.M Marsh with a sneaky copy of the Sunday Sport, not that I ever did !

So how do you follow that ? Well the other night when Mrs Fay was at Zumba I decided to try the xbox 360 version of Zumba. Now straight away the curtains were shut even though the light nights are nearly upon us. Zumba for those of you that dont know is going on in gyms in your yes your local area. Mainly women and the odd gay man (can I say that ? ) dance to music get a sweat on then pick up a bar of dairy milk on the way home and say I deserve that. So its mainly exercise based around dances such as the cumbia, salsa and mambo. So I decided to give it ago on the xbox kinect. So first the good news. I did indeed get a sweat on doing Zumba and rewarded myself with said chocolate bar after the session. The bad news was I dont think I was doing anything that resembled Zumba. The moves were going that fast that I think I wouldve needed an ecstasy tablet just to keep up. In which case I would not of eat for the whole of the next day after dropping it and could have bypassed Zumba and instead just gone to Cream or the o-five-one for the night. But I learned some moves and then dived into a 20 min session of Zumba. I was still just as shite. So I retired from Zumba and then Mrs Fay came in from actual real Zumba. So she had a go and was just as shite. Had she really  just been to Zumba ? Or has she just met up with other like minded women from a forum to sit off and eat some dairy milk before spraying herself with some water from a water bottle that you used to spray tomato’s in your greenhouse ? Give me a 4 mile jog any day. Then again 6 cans of bud and some M&S crisps pisses on all of that.




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