Peppa Pig respite

So time for another blog and to resist the temptation to ramble on about the state of the country etc. It’s a busy couple of weeks in work as I try and make up time for all the fookin bank holidays at the end of the month including an extra one for the wedding. Being director of Faymondo Benefits Limited (Sounds far grander than it actually is) means of course no paid bank holidays so I have to make my hours up. Not only that but because there is a bank holiday in fewer days to male them up as well. So that means a couple of Saturdays this month to ease the workload. Also hoping it keeps me off the grog on a Friday night. So I had the joy last weekend of the wife and kids going down to London for a long weekend. So with the first decent weather of the weekend I was tempted to have a bbq on my own on Saturday but I resisted the temptation as (A) it would have been quite sad and (B) I had promised to go the chippy for my 95 year old nan so thought it rude not to get myself some. Speaking of which I treated her to a chippy tea but insisted she paid her £1.75 she owed me for putting on her Grand National horses after she had a place on one of her £1 each way horses. I have a little motto on life that says always pay your gambling and drug debts off. Dont know why as I have never had a drug debt and neither has my nan to my knowledge. Although she could be sitting there getting smacked up every day (might explain why the fire is on 2 bars even when its 28c outside) although still living at home at 95 being a smackhead is highly unlikely or is that the secret to her eternal life ? I think the cod liver oil tablet she takes every day is more likely. So I did work on Saturday and also on Friday night resisted the temptation of the 40 bottles of Bud in my fridge. Unfortunately the stash didn’t survive a raid on Saturday night. Sunday came and with no family and four mornings on the run being awake for 6.40am I was expecting a lovely lie and yes you guessed it awake for 8.30 (bitch) I decided to be pro active and make the most of my Sunday morning so went out for a 6 mile jog. This was the furthest I had ever run in my life and I think I will do the Mersey Tunnel 10k in June. Then and only then will I decide on my decision for London 2012. The next part of the morning I decided to take all the shite that had built up around the side of the house down to the tip. Only took 2 journeys and now at least we have stopped looking like we are “The Clampett’s” of our road with numerous old beds and other such junk stacking up at the side of the house. So no luck on the National (£25 down) and indeed quite sad that two horses died but the animal lovers are out in force. Only a small mention for the jockey that fell earlier on in the day (Peter Toole) who is in a coma after a crashing fall. Until the humans in the world are fed, have water, no child is being abused and war is stopped etc etc I will then concentrate my efforts on the animals. The horses that ride in the national are most probably treated better than millions of people on this planet and I will say again it is sad that two died but please animal lovers direct such passion in other directions. Half of them who jump on the band wagon were most probably reading the sunday papers about the death of the two horses tutting and huffing away whilst settling down for bacon/sausage on toast. Poor pigs. Rant over (just can’t resist can I) and get well soon Peter Toole.

Bambino’s popping out everywhere and congratulations to John and Clare on the birth of Evie. To Joey and Lesley on the birth of Oliver and to Guff and Michelle who are expecting in September. Feel like the Liverpool Echo announcements page, should enjoy it whilst the going is good as in 20 plus years time I might be blogging friends obituaries  or if im very unlucky somebody logging on here announcing my demise and trip to the big Sayers up in the sky. Out of “the lads” I just hope im not first so I can enjoy one decent funeral, the lengths I will stoop to for a bevvy eh. So the missus and kids are back. Silence is shattered. The TV seems to be back on permanently and once again being dominated by some bastard pig called Peppa. The respite is over oink oink daddy pig.


Fay x x



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