Last gasp Glasto and Royal wedding build up.

So Sunday morning comes and im awake for 9 so I decide to log onto the Glastonbury ticket site and see if I can get some last minute tickets. Mrs Fay was unsure if she wanted to go due to getting childcare for us and in the end all the tickets were sold without even a sniff of getting them. But there was one option left and it was to travel by coach. So I tried on that page as was sent to the holding page like I had been for the normal tickets. Then I noticed after taking a break from scoffing my traditional Sunday morning sausage butty that I was in and had the chance to buy tickets. Mrs Fay had said she wasnt gonna go so it was decision time could I go on my own, would I want to go on my own and the big question of the day would Mrs Fay let me go !! So Mrs Fay grunted I could do what I like (which is not a no in my book) and so it was booked 1 Glastonbury ticket with coach from Liverpool to depart at 09.30 from Liverpool on the Thursday. So Glasto 2011 here I come, billy no mates on my own. First up after stumping up the cash to the ticket and coach travel is the bribes that need to be slung Mrs Fay’s way. With a trip to Spain in May and also a weekend away before Glasto I sense the price is gonna be high (Already living room being decorated and a new wardrobe for the bedroom along with a large shelf type thing for the living room has been submitted as the start of the bribing process begins) This could be the costliest Glasto in history. Well worth it though and I had a belter time last year (weather did add to that) and the place and whole event stole a tiny piece of my heart which is a hard thing to do to a miserable bastard like myself. So going on my own is a bit daunting but then drinking cider and watching bands for 3 days will offset the loneliness. I’m sure I will find somebody I know who’s going to meet for a pint and if not I will just mumble to strangers. So like last year I will blog from the festival and tweet (might be the only human style contact I have) So with the lineup being released some of the bands/artists I will see are U2, B.B.King, Mumford and Sons, Deacon Blue, Elbow, Paolo Nuntini, The Streets, Plan B, Imelda May and Paul Simon. Add along some comedians Marcus Brigstocke, Mitch Benn, Robin Ince, Arthur Smith and Jeremy Hardy. All that before I have scratched under the surface with the smaller venues not to mention the dance tents and you can see there is a lot to keep me busy over the festival. If I get lonely ive always got my right hand !

So all this lovely April weather is just giving me the urge to consume cider every evening. So far I had resisted until this evening when I finally caved in. Or is it that I just cant contain the joy that is bubbling over from the royal wedding next Friday. Today Prince Charles has become the longest-serving heir apparent in British history. I think he’s got a few more years to wait as well. By the time he is King he is gonna be an old codger and will be quickly passing it onto our new golden couple Wills and Kate and so a small bit of Diana will be queen as her second-hand engagement ring will be sitting on Kate’s finger. Mrs Fay wants to have a wedding BBQ (another post Glasto bargaining bid) and well you know me any excuse for a bevvy. I will actually watch some of it just to see the royal family put on a very good show, even if the rest of the country are losing jobs and waiting times for the NHS are on the increase, the Royals are free to piss our money away. To be fair id rather it spent on a good wedding than bombing Libya. So out with the union jacks and time to load up some Rule Britannia on the ipod. I was gonna invite my dad down but with him generally wanting to cut every royals head off he has already indicated to me that he is looking forward to muttering at the TV all day and night ( I wonder were I get it from) I will be looking at Charles to see if he is muttering to Camilla ” When am I gonna bloody get to be king” At least Kate has her own coat of arms which gives me a challenge for my next blog to make my own coat of arms to post. Does anyone else think that Kates is shite compared to Wills ? He gets shields, lions and garters. She gets an acorn, inverted V and a ribbon. I bet them Germans made us pay for that as well !

Peace and happy birthday Sky Sports, bastards.



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