1982 Cassette player excitement = Glastonbury 2011

So lets rewind and its December 24th 1982, indeed christmas eve and a nine year old me is going to bed in our house on Woodlands Road. Unable to sleep due to the pure excitement that the next day brings. Will I get that cassette recorder I wanted ? Have I been good enough all year for santa to bring me what I want ? Just think I will be able to hold it up against the speaker of our record player and tape my sisters 7″ singles and my mums old albums or even better, songs off the radio. I can record my voice in between songs and pretend to be a Radio City DJ. Fast forward to Tuesday 21st June 2011 and just two more sleeps until Glastonbury and I havent felt this excited since that very christmas eve way back in 1982. Everything is sorted and the weather looks like its going to do its bit. I have a rough plan of what I want to see but god knows what will happen when I enter the site of a certain Worthy Farm in Pilton. I will be blogging from Friday through to Monday if I am in any fit state and you can follow me on twitter @faymondo73 or click here or check the side of this blog. Some advice posted today was “Too much alcohol, drugs, and sex, coupled with poor hygiene, can be a health risk at festivals” an expert is warning. Good job Mrs Fay had packed enough Lynx deodorant for the few days away then. So I leave at 9.30 from Liverpool on the coach to Glasto and I wont bore you with anymore Glasto talk for now but just hope it’s as good as that cassette recorder I got in 1982 was.

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So whats being going on in the big wide world this week. Well  the government fresh from deciding to ditch its do a crime but pay half jail term offer (still get 33% off though !!! )  it is instead going to make prisoners work 40 hours a week. Last time I looked unemployment wasnt at 0% and we had a thriving economy ? Indeed Cameron has said the current prison system was “failing and badly needs reform” – with half of prisoners reoffending within a year of release, many on drugs and many spending up to 23 hours a day in their cells. To be fair if they are on drugs they most probably wont want to move out of their cell as the lure of just monging out in their cells watching c-beebies on TV all day will keep them occupied. As for reoffending if you get 33% off your sentence a quick bit of maths means that for every 3 crimes you do you get one free. Not quite the buy one get one free offer that Kenneth Clarke was proposing but still a deal up there with any supermarket. Who says crime doesn’t pay. Wanna save money, stop bombing Libya !

Thats yer lot


Fay x x


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