Glasto 2011 day 2

So the festival starts and after coughing up a fiver for a sausage barm first up was Beardyman in the dance east tent. Not a conventional DJ he has no decks but instead makes all the samples himself and singing. He was very talented and would deffo go and see him again. after another visit to the chill and charge tent (I phone batteries aren’t very festival friendly ) Next up was the legend that is BB King. The rain had started to fall by now and was pretty much on for the rest of the day and night.

Acoustic tent was next and some Newton Falkner who finished with a crowd pleasing “Bohemian Rhapsody” A long walk was up next over to the park to see Big Audio Dynamite. My feet were feeling the pace by now so we decided to have a rest and go back the dance tent (and it was dry) I missed out on seeing Eric Bibb and only caught a bit of Mumford and Sons as we made a move to get our speck for U2.

Now Bono is a dickhead of the highest order and even on stage he comes across as a prick but him and his Irish bum chums make some belter choons and a few special moments were had. So rather wet we made the sensible decision to come home for 12 and that’s paid dividends as I’m feeling OK this morning.

Toilet update stinking more off piss and you have to decipher what’s mud and what’s poo !!


Fay x x


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