Deacon Blue live @ Echo arena

So Friday night and day 24 of no ale and it all came crashing down with a quick pint at Damon’s on the way to watch Deacon Blue live at the Liverpool Echo Arena. Deacon Blue’s gig in Liverpool are most probably the biggest audience they play to these days and indeed must be like […]

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The curse of Jeremy Cunt

So today amidst all the now what seems daily fall out from the News Of The World hacking story the curse of Jeremy Cunt hit again. I am of course on about the culture secretary Jeremy Hunt. This time it was the turn of Sky News Jon Craig who is Chief Political Correspondent for Sky was […]

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I’m being stalked.

So now I know how Rio Ferdinand felt when he was being stalked by some crazy woman from Peckham. Other famous stalking cases from Catherine Zeta Jones through to the most famous and saddest Mark Chapman stalking the one and only John Lennon. So what have I done to deserve this ? It’s quite unnerving […]

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