Transport, we are going backwards (or nowhere in my car ! )

So today around 4ish I sat my two daughters (age 3 & 6) and made them watch what was the last ever take off from a space shuttle. I remember as a young boy in the early 80’s being fascinated by the space shuttle and perversely more fascinated watching “newsround” on one January day back in 1988 when the Challanger space shuttle exploded. I even remember where I was when the Columbia shuttle disintegrated on re-entry in 1993 (Up at my mum and dads for the record) I thought it was a boring dad type thing to do to force the kids to watch this historic event but as it stands it looks like there is more chance of my kids taking me for a legal bevvy before the next U.S spacecraft is ready. I will indeed let the kids watch live (if they can) the final landing of the shuttle in 12 days time as the space shuttle programme is finished for good and there goes one of my things to see (shuttle launch) in the dustbin forever. So it’s over to China or less so India to put a man on the moon. How exciting would that be, having not been alive for the original moon landings (did we ever get there ? ) I hope to see it live one day. So today marked “one small step for man and no more leaps into mankind until NASA gets funding for a new rocket” So is mankind going backwards in its pursuit of travel ? It was the last decade when it was possible to fly to America and land earlier than you took off on Concorde (Thats a real life TARDIS in my eyes) indeed the record time for the fastest transatlantic airliner flight was from London Heathrow to New York JFK on 7 February 1996 by British Airways’ G-BOAD in 2 hours, 52 minutes, 59 seconds from takeoff to touchdown. ( I love stats ! ) But now it will be impossible to fly from the UK to the USA in a man-made time machine and hop in a space shuttle and be in space in a flash. Progress eh, at least the museums have some great items to view.

Staying on transport and my car is currently as mobile as a Concorde and when fired up lets out more smoke than a space shuttle launch. Over two weeks of in and out the garage and this time a Vauxhall part has arrived today and back in she goes on Monday (I call it a she because she is a temperamental bitch and costs a fortune to keep going and like a wife is due a trade in at any moment for a younger sexier model ! ) Lets hope at the god knows what time of asking that ********* ******* on ********** Road can sort the bloody thing out. Mrs Fay already pissed off at having to sign on every two weeks has had to travel on the bus (yes the fucking bus) several times this week for the school run and she was quoted as saying “Quite frankly one should not have to travel like this, why I even have to sit next to other people” Maybe she can kill two birds with one stone and get a job as a bus driver and get us all discount travel. On second thoughts jib that as have you seen the state of any woman bus driver you come across. If not your missing out on a large man in knickers and your typical female butch lesbian hockey goalkeeper. Cant beat a good stereotype but feel free to post a picture of a pin up female bus driver or hockey goalie if you come across one.

So tonight brings the start of another attempt to kick the grogg for a bit for health reasons. Dont worry folks there is nothing to worry about but rest assured if I am given some bad news I will let you know on here and we can set up a just giving page and raise enough money to send me on an all expenses trip around the Sayers factory. Well I have passed the first hurdle and that time period post 7 pm on a Friday night after a hard week at work when you just start twitching for that hard earned drink you deserve. Just diet coke tonight but when getting my diet coke I caught a flash of a bottle of Magners. There it was covered in cold perspiration, looking like an 18 year old out in town on a saturday night wearing next to nothing. You know the one wearing a short dress with a shapely figure and large bust caught out on a cold night with “footy studs” showing and a blingy gold necklace on. Ooops I was meant to be describing the Magners bottle then and so the curves on that bottle of Magners were shouting at me and never mind its sublime neck topped off in gold foil. I looked at it lovingly like it was the first girl I wanted to kiss and just like that experience the door was shut in my face and the dream was over, all be it a fridge door this time.


Fay x x x


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