My bronze wedding anniversary and a weird nipple.

So the 19th of July 2003 and the day the lucky lady called Claire Jayne Runacus managed to get her claws into me for keeps. I jest of course but I am referring to my wedding day. So yesterday was our 8 year anniversary. A bit more research reveals it is indeed the bronze anniversary. So in keeping with tradition it was my honour to take Mrs Fay out for a meal. With my eating habits this meant only one place and gourmet burger in Liverpool one. I demolished a large burger and chips but there was a difference this time and that was no bottle of bud to accompany the meal but instead a bottle of diet coke. Yes it was day 15 of not drinking and another test as it is the first time I have been out and attempted not to drink. To be honest it wasnt too bad with the meal despite Mrs Fay 100% not helping me by yes you guessed it having a bottle of Bud. It was then out for a romantic stroll to walk past the new Liverpool museum of life that had opened that day and in true Pier Head style the wind was gusting as it seems to 365 days a year down there. A quick walk around the Albert Dock and into the Blue Bar I will cut the story short by saying we went into another two boozers after that and I managed to stay on the diet coke. It does put a dampener on your night not having a bevvy and I missed out on the delights of 8 pints and chip barm from the Lobster Pot on the last train home (and I wonder why my pants are tight !! ) So now into day 16 without a drink (you can’t tell it’s not bothering me at all can you ?) I have decided that a life with no drink is a life not worth living (Hello my name is Neil and i’m a recovering alcoholic) So with a Deacon Blue concert lined up I have decided that I have no other option but to have a few pints for social reasons only (ahem) and instead of counting the days off the grog I can now start the countdown until the next drink. T-Minus 9 days and counting. So me and the other half enjoyed our wedding anniversary and look forward to the Deacon Blue concert and possibly a wedding the night after but babysitters have become as hard a task as a cat burying a shit on a marble floor ? Happy anniversary Mrs Fay and here’s to the next 8 years x x P.S I was gonna get you a present to symbolise our bronze wedding but they had run out of fake bake in Boots and judging by many scouse girls thats more orange than bronze.

So onto the weird nipple and thankfully not related at all to my wedding anniversary. This time a story from The Daily Mirror (are we allowed to read that i’m losing track of all this) A third nipple has been discovered on the foot of a young woman – with medical staff believing the case may be the first of its kind. Up to five per cent of people are thought to suffer from the condition although most extra nipples tend to be located above the waist. The report reads: “A 22-year-old woman sought medical care for a lesion in the plantar region of her left foot, a well-formed nipple surrounded by areola and hair.” How can I lower the tone after such a romantic tale above ? Welcome to Faymondo’s blog. I imagine if you have a foot fetish that this is the pinnacle of your fetish as its sort of a buy one get one free on the go. Not quite sure how you would react if you had pulled this lovely lady and stumbled across an extra nipple, mind you she might decide to get her own back on the male species and keep her socks on during sex. So as ever in the interests of valued research and in the aim of educating (and a blatant attempt to get more traffic for my blog) I include a couple of pictures of this saucy foot.


Fay x x x


2 thoughts on “My bronze wedding anniversary and a weird nipple.

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  1. Happy 8th Anniversary!
    Well done for going so long on the wagon…now try doing it for 8 months like I did when I was preggers and then you’ll really impress us…
    But onto more important issues.
    The foot nipple.
    After years of watching Most Haunted and listening to their resident sceptic, Dr Ciàran O’Keeffe, I reckon it’s fake.
    We’re lucky the NOTW has gone though.
    Had it been in that paper – they would probably have (illegally obtained) evidence of it lactating. Ewwww

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