Tonight were gonna riot like its 1981 (85) etc

So going to bed last night watching coverage of the Tottenham riots its just looked like a bus on fire, the odd police car and one building alight. Waking up this morning it seems that there was quite a kick off. So where do we start. Well the comparisons to the early 1980’s are there to be seen. Its seems mistrust of the police is once again high on the agenda. It’s also no co-incidence that the Tories are in power even if they are being given a big helping hand from the Lib Dems. Economic gloom and a disenfranchised youth once again. I am waiting for this government when the next quarterly economic growth figures are provided saying “The negative growth for the last quarter was as a consequence of the rioting in Tottenham” Well previous excuses have included snow, hot weather and a Royal wedding. So middle England will be tutting and huffing over their croissants whilst reading the Times on sunday. They will never get it. The divide is always there but as history has proved there is and always will be a divide that is magnified by a Tory government. I was only 7 when Toxteth was alight here in Liverpool and was on holiday at the time. (A holiday back in 1981 was a week in a caravan on the coast not far from Morecambe if you were lucky) I was tweeting whilst watching the riot last night and noting that back in 1981 we weren’t as fortunate as the youth of today who can watch all the action in high-definition on Sky News. No doubt Sky executives will be looking at the prospect of switching it to “pay per view” tonight if it all kicks off again.

The trouble with riots some 25/30 years on from the 80’s is that in general society has got a whole lot worse (as it had in 1981 compared to 1951) Society is indeed more nastier and violent and so when it kicks off we can only expect a higher level of criminality and destruction. I feel unlike the 80’s there is less of a race divide amongst the people (we have moved on for the better but still not extinguished the problem) so as the races unite it’s all directed at the police. I am no fan of the police but in true two-faced style when my house got robbed in the 90’s they were the first people I phoned. Can we trust the police ? Indeed as my old man says “who polices the police ?” Half the police involved last night will now be on the sick and the other half selling information to tabloids. OK that’s not 100% correct but that is the image that comes across about the police. Lets not forget that again under this government police will be facing extra stress as cuts kick in. Never mind the money being pissed away on numerous “fights” we are involved in. Indeed one of them fights the government is actively encouraging trouble and an uprising against the power in charge (OK Gadaffi isn’t elected) but now its on their own doorstep what is the comment. Well as of 09:45 when I am typing this I aint seen one member of our government yet and just the odd line most probably sent by text from a sun lounger on their jollies.

So I can only see more of this over the next few years. The powers that be will be hoping the weather will be shite as hot weather strangely adds to the tension in these areas. The rioters must have a few bob as have you seen the price of a litre of petrol now. Cant be cheap making a petrol bomb. The met police activated their gold command control room in Lambeth. Here I am thinking that Gorden Brown has sold all our gold off on the cheap yet the bizzies have a command room coated in it. A little comment on twitter “Kaiser Chiefs’ follow-up single: “I predict sanctimonious scathing commentary from the self-righteous privileged middle classes” So Sky now showing numerous looted shops. I would have been right into M&S food on the retail stocking up on their finest Beef & Onion crisps and Colin the caterpillar cakes. Let me make this clear it is never correct to riot, cause destruction and so far luckily no further loss of life. But I can understand how these problems arise and eventually kick off. I do show my anti Tory bias but then I can only see the facts and actions that have been laid out in front of me once again.

Well that’s heavy stuff for a Sunday morning eh. See what tonight brings and I leave you with this very apt song from The Specials


Fay x x x

Edit 10:19 found this on youtube


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