Riot man charged with stealing from “Munchies” bakery

Spoiler alert : another blog on the riots again.

So after my last post things got a little bit worse it seems. I ended up watching the nights events on the news whilst glued to Twitter for anything going off in Liverpool (Fact not fiction) Well my home city didnt let me down. People have been posting on Twitter that these arent real scousers. Well they are lid. Wake up am smell the coffee. OK its a very small minority that where on the streets rioting but we all know most areas of Liverpool have these “rats” who dress in identikit all black and have one hand down their pants most of the time. Although looking at footage from the last two nights its clear the hand that launches a brick is 94% of the time the same hand that cups the hoodies bollocks. Some places have far too many of these kidda’s to say they are not scousers is to bury your head in the sand. Admit it and move on and deal with the problem (easier said than done) To get some local news on Monday I ended up listening to Pete Price yes Pete Price. Which brought back memories of a fave flag I seen in Istanbul (see below) BBC radio Merseyside were having a quiz at the time but it later came out that both stations were sitting on the news as to not help escalate the troubles and it was only when Sky news said Liverpool was rioting (I bet they loved that) that both City and Merseyside started talking about the troubles. So as pictures emerged on Twitter of the trouble in Liverpool my thoughts switched to Speke retail park just 5 mins walk from ours. Next thing the helicopter was above ours and then I could hear police sirens. Fookin hell surely not. A quick look out the back and a police car and a small van was there. After watching far too much news (from about 5pm all night) I had worked myself up thinking shit my house is gonna get burned down and shown live on Sky in HD (I had only tweeted earlier how the things on fire looked great in HD) The copter soon went as did the police and there was no trouble on the retail as it turned out. So that had well and truly woken me up and I ended up listening to BBC Radio Merseyside’s emergency broadcast with Roger Phillips until just after 4am !!

So the next morning and the carnage that looked like was going on indeed did go on. The police had lost all control and there had been some minor trouble in Liverpool in comparison to what had gone on in London. It was gonna be OK though because Super Dave and Might Boris were back on the scene. Dave just giving us more police and Boris walking along with his broom held high. At least mighty Boris had the bollocks to meet “the people” Cameron like the pussy he is picked the emergency service well behind the public lines. We were all being whipped up into a fever. JD Sports on Speke retail boarded its windows up. Shops on there shut early. I went to get a loaf from the Co-Op in Garston village and that had shut early. Just what was it we were expecting ? It was like preperation for a hurricane not a Tuesday night in Liverpool. Was this all made us to make us feel fear ? But then in the morning when we were all safe and the troubles had calmed in London the super duper Prime Minister now bak on home soil was the hero of the day !! I made the decision to hit bed early and was asleep for 9.30 to avoid another late night. The trouble was spreading to other cities. I woke up again to see some trouble in Liverpool (not much) but also the mindless (as if all of it wasn’t mindless) attacking of fire engines.  Maybe the dickheads are so thick that they cant distinguish between the different blue lights. So Cameron was home and London had subdued (Nothing left to wreck ? ) and a few other places had some trouble. Lets hope its the end of it and some good comes of it, dealing with the issues and causes of the trouble, whatever you may think they are.

So some people have been in court and sentenced. There were many a sob story given in defence (Listed here)  Now I hope they get what they deserve but this last one had me feeling a tiny bit of sorrow for them,  Sean Havens, 43, from Croydon. Homeless and lives in a hostel. Charged with stealing cakes and biscuits from Munchies bakery. That would’ve been me at the Sayers in Garston village. I was always skitted in school as being caught masturbating outside the local Sayers on Allerton Road looking in through the glass past the image of “Sammy Sayer” who can remember him ? (I still drink with these bastards) So now I know where Munchies bakery in Croydon is expect me down there soon with my long mac on and false arm on, cracking one off.


Fay x x x


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