A weekend in Legoland

So Saturday morning and after being up half the night puking my guts up and having what my children call “The runners” it was time to head south for a weekend at Legoland in Windsor. Mrs Fay had to take the first leg of the journey as I recovered from this mini bug. Things must have been bad as they tucked into breakfast at the service station I was sipping slowly on a Lucozade sport. I decided to take over the driving to get us there a little bit quicker and despite being spoilt with the ipad in the back of the car with the sound running through the car radio the kids were asking “Are we there yet” Let me now apologise to my parents for the times I repeated the same question back in the 70’s and early 80’s. It really does get on your tits in the end doesn’t it. So before 12 we arrived at Legoland and still feeling dodgy I pulled myself together and took one for team Fay. So we raced off to the first of many themed areas in Legoland and it was mini land. Here the magic of numerous sites of the world had been created in lego but in miniature style. I think me and Mrs Fay were more impressed than the kids who soon had fun getting wet in the small water area. At this point I was thinking might as well saved myself a couple of hundred quid and just sprayed the kids with the hose in the back garden !!

So we soon explored the rest of the site and with us coming back on Sunday we specked some things save for Sunday. A quick look up at the heavens and in true UK holiday style it was going to piss down. This was not going to damped our enthusiasm as me and Elizabeth got wetter on the “Wave Rider” and a nice leisurely nursery rhyme boat ride ended up with Charlotte being afraid of the big bad Lego wolf !! I was still feeling off colour and turned down the delights of hotdogs, coke and popcorn but was cheered up by the news of Liverpool winning 2-0 and some Arsenal fan getting the news as well just in front of us in a queue for a ride. It pissed down for a good 90 mins and my t-shirt was now figure hugging and what a curvy figure it has to hug. The theme park was now awash with the site of yellow. I have never been one for trends and indeed was to cool to sport the latest Legoland craze that was the Legoland waterproof coat, which was in essence a large Legoland carrier bag with holes in. As you see below Mrs Fay and the kids joined the canary yellow scene that was going down on Saturday afternoon in Legoland.

So tired and wet we headed back to the hotel which was the Runnymeade hotel  web site here  The kids got a nice welcome pack each with a cuddly toy in which they were made up with. We decided to splash out on this as this trip as this is our holiday for the year. It was a cracking 4 star hotel with gym, spa and indoor and outdoor swimming pool located on the banks of the Thames. We had a swim before we headed out for tea at Frankie and Benny’s just 5 mins down the road but we managed to get lost on the way there and back thanks to Mrs Fay’s navigational skills, she aint no sherpa Tenzing. Back in the hotel handy as we were all done in. I always say its hard bloody work being a tourist. We settled down to watch x-factor !!! Luckily my tactic of letting the female section of my family watch x-factor and then fall asleep letting me watch match of the day in peace worked.

So Sunday morning and my bug had gone thankfully but the old stools were still a bit loose (too much information) and a morning swim followed by an outdoor breakfast on the banks of the Thames. I caught up on my lack of food with the take what you want breakfast. You can take the man out of Liverpool but not the Liverpool out of the man as I ended up taking all the Nutella’s on display for the kids. On looking breakfast was £19 if you wanted to buy it. If I had known that I would have asked the chef for a box of Nutella’s to take. So after a nice leisurely walk along the banks of the Thames past housing that must easily of been edging over the £1 million mark with their own personal moorings on the Thames we headed off to Legoland for more of the same as Saturday. Best ride of the day was the Atlantis Submarine Voyage and we then queued for 75 mins for Laser Riders which was shite, well I think even 72 virgins and a crate of Stella would have been a let down after that length of wait. Just the odd spot of rain today and no need to wear the trendy yellow macs of Saturday. So after another extensive tour of Legoland it was time for the sting in the tail and the kids treat in the “big” Legoland shop. So with the kids spoilt rotten (again) would I go the whole hog and treat myself to the £275 Star Wars Lego Death Star. I looked at Mrs Fay with doughy eyes like Bambi, she didn’t say anything. Was there a chance I could get it and pass it off as a treat for the kids. There was slight hope for a second and then my mind reading skills read the second word from her as OFF. So I had to take a picture of it instead.

On refection I thought Legoland was a fun park but at times it seemed an orchestra of various crying kids who seemed not to be having much fun !! We had a great weekend and will be heading back next year and the Lego Death Star dream will be rekindled. So back home by 9 on Sunday night and I was looking forward to my first week off in about 11 months wondering if I could get a nice lie in past 8 and a nice chilled day doing nothing. Well the day started out great as I woke up at 9.30. However the nice relaxing day (I thought that was gonna be the easy bit) was shattered at 10.30. More of which to come…………..



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2 thoughts on “A weekend in Legoland

  1. EVERY third or fourth day my fine looking ten year old lad asks for the LEGO Death Star, and wonders why $499.99 is too much to pay for a toy…looks like he’ll continue the “wishfulness” of owning the toy that will never be…

    Feel better Fay

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