RIP Eileen Roper 19.11.1915 – 24.08.2011

So as mentioned on my last blog my first week of for nearly a year was interrupted for the worse with a phone call from my Nan’s neighbour that she had fallen. I rushed down to her house and attended to her until the ambulance came which wasn’t long after I turned up. On looking further it had became apparent that there was a decent chance my nan had been there overnight. My nan 95 was determined that she would never move out of her terrace house and had fell a few times in the past but this was the worst one. She did have an emergency phone fitted with panic button but the old trooper refused to wear it ! So with no major effects from her fall it was off to the Liverpool Royal Hospital. On my arrival I was ushered into the relatives room which I thought wasn’t a very good sign. It was another 90 mins before I got into see my nan who was a bit dazed from what had gone on and was cold. The doctor on duty pulled me to one side and said my nan had very bad pneumonia and things could well take a turn for the worse over the next 24 hours. After a quick visit back home to freshen up I popped back in to see her in the evening and she had picked up a bit and we had a chat and I could tell that she was already pissed off at being in hospital and was demanding a cup of tea. I kissed her goodbye and told her I would be in to see her on Tuesday.

So Tuesday came and after a day in Clitheroe seeing the OAP junior that is my dad it was straight back to the royal to see my nan. She was now on a ward but on turning up to see her she was very confused indeed which was a symptom of her pneumonia. It was strange seeing my nan like that as despite being 95 and as expected various bits of her body giving up now and again she was bright as a button. She was telling me to put channel 142 on the cable box despite the TV being on the wall in the ward. She also asked me to change the curtains on the bed opposite her saying that the hooks were in the larder (proper old persons terminology there) She knew who I was though as she said make sure that I climb up and change the curtains as she didn’t want a nurse to fall. A chink of comedy in a not too good situation. After buying her an Echo which she struggled to read I had splashed out on her and got her some pure orange and gone the whole hog and threw in some custard creams as well. I again kissed her goodbye and said see you soon.

So 6.30 am and Mrs Fay came into the room with the phone. I knew what was coming. My nan had died in her sleep aged 95. I was just numb and didn’t feel any emotion. Luckily I had today to myself and after dropping the wife and the kids off I headed of to Nan’s house to make some calls and inform the relevant people who needed to know. The house in Aigburth has a massive place in my heart as aged 18 when my mum and dad moved to Clitheroe I ended up spending 10 years with my nan so she was not just a normal nan she had a massive place in my life. I moved in with her a young adult and left as a man. In truth I had a ball living with my nan and got away with much more than if I had still been living at home with my parents (hope your not reading this Dad x x) She became known as “the bank of nan” to me and as a student I soon realised that to ask to borrow money off her you would have to go through a lot of aggro but she always leant it to me and I always paid her back. So I soon cottoned on that instead of lending four lots of £25 I might as well just go straight in with the big £100 but only get one dose of aggro instead of four.

In later years when I was courting my future wife to be I was sick of sneaking her out at some early hour on a sunday morning thus avoiding getting collared by my nan. We had been going out for a fair bit of time so I asked my mum could she approach my nan to see if it was possible for Claire to stay over. So with us all sitting in my nan’s living room my mum said to me ask your nan about Claire staying over. So sheepishly aged about 25 I said “Nan is it OK that Claire stays over now that we have being going out for sometime?” It was the my nan answered with the classic line “Of course, it will save her sneaking out every morning !!! ” She might of been in her mid 80’s but she knew what was going on !

Another story I remember is that I had left to play footy on a Monday night and my nan was fond of having a nose in my room (looking for hidden women perhaps) She had obviously pulled the wire of my portable CD and cassette player and put it back quickly as not to get collared. There was just one problem she had put it back upside down (having never used one of these modern contraptions) I never did pull her up about that one.

So in later years nan lost some mobility and over the last few weeks had lost some of her dignity but as mentioned before she was determined to live in her house all her life. A wish that she seen through to the end.  It will be strange that such a constant in my life has now gone. Those trips to Steve’s chippy in Aigburth Vale on a Saturday evening when it was occasionally my turn that were to be honest a pain in the arse at times now seem like such an honour to be able to have back. My daughters are now £1 a week down but in their childhood innocence have now allocated my sister to be the bearer of a pound a week. As a great nan it was family tradition for her great grandchildren to call her “Nein” This was from her mum who was Welsh and “Nain” (again pronounced nine) was welsh for grandparent. Original Nein lived into her mid 90’s until she died just before I was born in December 1972.

So I am writing this on the Wednesday evening of nan’s death but cant publish it because my sister (Clare) is away on holiday and doesn’t know yet. Since I moved out of my nan’s Clare has done most of the looking after nan. I can say how much she has done for nan and it will be hard breaking the news to her as it was to relatives etc today. So there we have it my nan joins my mum, wherever that maybe. Yes you were an old bat at times but you were also my nan and one that put up with me for 10 years falling into the house at ungodly hours in some almighty states and with dodgy women although one did become my wife.


Fay x x x

Jesus that was heavy but I look back on my blogs like a diary so in years to come I can have a butchers at this.


4 thoughts on “RIP Eileen Roper 19.11.1915 – 24.08.2011

  1. Top Lady got a tears in my eyes reading this having known MRS Roper most of my life.But pissed myself at the “well it will save her sneaking out in the morning” .Always used to have a moan at me about her windows not being cleaned properly but it was followed by a cup of tea so it was just her way of having a it of banter with me and Jimmy. .Gutted that it was such a sad ending too such a great inning RIP Mrs Roper .

  2. She will be missed, You and Claire done a top job looking after nan and me and mum will always be thankful. Now she is at peace with gaga and Aunty Lil.
    RIP nan, will will always be thinking of you, love you xxxx

  3. Nan’s are special and always will be….Your Nan sounded a bit like mine pretended not to notice but knew everything that was going on. Mine was a bank of Nan too, just hadn’t realised that is what you called them.
    It is sad Fay and I send my best wishes to you and your sister and the rest of your family.

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