Worst scouse thief ever !!

So friday morning was as normal as ever. Up just after 6 then the commute listening to a podcast heading to Ashton-Under-Lyne. So I arrived at 7.15 and got out the car. No lights were on in the main entrance  but this is quite a green office as when I go for a piss quite […]

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My nuclear war childhood.

So another rare gap in my hectic schedule and time to sneak in a blog. A hectic schedule that involved beers in town for the match last Saturday. I wont send you asleep with the details but it involved the usual eight pubs followed by the Lobster pot. I enjoyed a nice meal (well burger […]

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A little drop of Pink Martini

Long time no blog eh. Now starting week three into my new contract working in Ashton-Under-Lyne and the joys each morning and evening of the M62 and M60 commute. Caught some pretty bad traffic in the first two weeks and the joy of rolling out of bed at 6.10 am into my trackie bottoms and […]

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