Dodgy back hair, 18th Birthday and Aigburth Zoo

So it was my cousin in law’s (is there such a title) 18th birthday over the weekend and many congratulations to her. The usual pictures were posted on Facebook almost as it happened. Back when I was 18 you had you wait four days for the pictures to be developed and of the 24 you took you were lucky to get 10 decent ones and about four would be just pitch black and one would contain a random knob picture. It would be one of the lads but not knowing what their knobs looked like I could not dish out any blame and the picture would be ripped up. I should have kept all those pictures and I could have created a hall of shame 18 years later and played guess the knob on Facebook. When I was 18 is now bang on half my life ago. Jesus where did that go? The next 18 I am going to reach is gonna be stone the way I booze and eat !! To save my sanity I wont go on about it anymore.

One of the joys of getting old is that as a man hairs grow on places you never knew they could. Now I have a bit of a hairy back which I like to trim down as to not look like an extra from Planet of the apes. I came across this story and it made me think. Bruins fan (Boston Bruins Ice Hockey team for info) Anthony Sorrentino wears his Bruins pride on his … back. The 33-year-old diehard Bruins fan from Lynn, Mass., shaved the B’s logo in his back hair, as seen below. All this Black and Gold fanatic wants is some opening night tickets. “I begged my wife for two hours To do it for me,” he explained. “I told her I was going to try to win opening night tickets to see the banner get raised because we didn’t have the option or money to buy them.  She was totally against it but she knows my passion for the Bruins and how much that it meant to me.” Now this got me thinking. Is it time for me to instead of Mrs Fay getting the old Immac (I refuse to call it Veet just like an Opral Fruit is still an Opral fruit etc and they were made to make your mouth water) to put a Liver bird artwork shave into my back hair. When I go swimming at David Lloyd I could proudly walk into the steam room with my new home made Liverpool kits engraved from the missing link style hair on my Cadbury’s snack. Yep I didn’t think so either. Oh well just a thought. Here is the muppet below.

Last bit of the blog is going back to something I have touched on before and that’s Aigburth Zoo. This is lifted from “Streets of Liverpool” which is well worth a look HERE For those of you who didn’t know there was a Zoo just up from Sudley School at the top of where Kelton estate is today. Liverpool Zoological Park in Elmswood road opened in 1932 and closing in 1938. It had a varied but small collection of animals and birds – the star attraction being a chimpanzee named Mickey which escaped in 1938 and attacked (not seriously) a number of keepers and visitors before being shot at a nearby house. The zoo followed Mickey into oblivion shortly afterwards and the land was sold off for housing. I remember feeding horses at the bottom iron fence of Kelton which is still there with my grandad when I was a kid when it was just fields. I love local history and thought I would share that with you along with this map of the zoo (click photo to enlarge)

Oh well new contract and workplace tomorrow, wish me luck.


Fay x x x


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  1. Oh wow Neil, happened upon your blog, had no idea you had one, or should that be ‘did’ one or maybe even ‘kept’ one… anyhow… (Rochelle Ellis btw – Facebook/School) I was actually searching for info about ‘Mickey The Chimp’ as I’m trying to put some sort of written record together (may manifest into a book) My Grandad has very close links with that Zoo, he used to walk Mickey back to the Zoo by hand (he was about 10 at the time) each time he escaped. He was there the day Mickey met his demise, it still brings a tear to his eye! I’ve spent this afternoon listening to some of his tales of old Aigburth ( and trying to document them). Haven’t been on FB for a while as we had our first bambino in Sept but when I get round to it I’ll get back on and get in touch with more info if you’re interested. Soz for the ‘dissertation’ – I shall go and sign up for ‘follower’ service! Hope ‘Fay III’ is doing well, hey just think – you’ll be back to Build a Bastard Bear before you know it!
    Greetings from another local history lover (gotta be 80’s Aigburth tho)
    …Goonies never say die!!!

  2. Hi Rochelle, I love digging old things about Aigburth up. My mum told me about Mickey the monkey, I had a monkey teddy as a kid called Mickey (still in my dads house !! ) Alas my mum passed away nearly six years ago so I cant get any more info for you. I remember as a kid feeding the horses on Kelton Estate (was fields then) through the iron railings (still there on the left part of Kelton) Hope you and the family are well. yep deffo keep me updated. I will ask my dad when i see him next what he knew about the Zoo as he lived in Aigburth all his life until he moved to Clitheroe in 1992.

  3. My Grandfather was the PC at Aigburth Vale, his name was James Seddon Howard. He actually captured Mickey on one of his escapes when he threw an ice cream cart up in the air! I have seen photographs of the keepers giving him cigarettes to smoke. My Grandad got a commendation for the capture and self return of Mickey. So sad that he was killed in the end, what a shame.

  4. Wow, amazing! I’ve been trying to find out more info on Aigburth Zoo as we live in Rosemont Road, I reckon we must be roughly where your map shows the quarantine station! No wonder the previous owner of our house found lots of monkey skulls when he was digging over the garden when he first moved in! I’m hoping to find time to do a blog post on the Zoo at some stage – is it OK to use your map picture? There used to be a lot more stuff on Yo Liverpool Forum, but sadly the photos of the original clippings about Rosemont House going up for auction, and all the fixtures and fittings too, are no longer online. I’m hoping to get to the Liverpool Records Office in the autumn to see if they have anything available there. Here’s the link for the Yo Liverpool Forum thread on the Zoo:

    1. No problem using the image as I have lifted it from a google search. My mum and dad told me about the zoo and I had a teddy monkey as a kid in the 70’s that I called Mickey (think he is in the loft) Keep me posted if you get more info or write a blog as I will link to it from here. Some good info on that Yo Liverpool link.

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