A little drop of Pink Martini

Long time no blog eh. Now starting week three into my new contract working in Ashton-Under-Lyne and the joys each morning and evening of the M62 and M60 commute. Caught some pretty bad traffic in the first two weeks and the joy of rolling out of bed at 6.10 am into my trackie bottoms and logging on in my conservatory with Frosties at 8am then toast at 9am , cheeky pack of crisps at 10am……….you get the picture. Well the joy is no more being replaced by an 6:10 alarm call into my shirt and pants and having to shave more and a start in work for 7:30am. No munchies in the day and a light lunch hopefully dropping the pounds I have put on working from home. Cant moan though as it’s a wage and in these troubled times I should be thankful for that.

Well Saturday night and me and me new taxi driver, sorry I mean Mrs Fay (She’s pregnant for those who don’t know) went out to see Pink Martini perform at the Liverpool Philharmonic. After a quick pre concert meal at Damons we got to the Phil for 7.30 as the band start not long after that. Last time we went to see them at the Phil we strolled in at half time during a Liverpool champions league game (those were the days eh) and the show had no support and we had missed the first few songs. Pink Martini for those who don’t know have twelve musicians (and sometimes travels with string sections), and performs its multilingual repertoire on concert stages and with symphony orchestras throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, Australia and New Zealand and North America. Main pianist is Thomas Lauderdale who is just brilliant and vocalist China Forbes who could not our this time and was replaced by Storm Large who did not disappoint (and neither did her two dresses) With a mixture of jazz, Latin, lounge music and classical in numerous languages from Mandarin, Japanese, French, Spanish, Croatian and English you might now be able to tell this was my choice of concert and not Mrs Fay’s.  So walking into the Philharmonic I was met with ladies in posh frocks and men in ties and even a dickie bow. Not everyone was dressed up for the occasion but as the only concert in the region people had travelled in to see Pink Martini. I however had got the Merseyrail train and was armed with my red Adidas tracksuit top, jeans and my turquoise Adidas trabs. Me and the wife were indeed on the young side for the audience and indication of my mature eclectically mature musical tastes if not still dressing like I am down with the yoof of today.  It was an excellent concert with each member of the band getting a chance to showcase their skills from the first song a version of “Bolero” (made famous by Torvil and Dean) to a Beatles cover “A Day In The Life”  and one of the last songs that included the audience doing a giant conga which even went on stage (For the record I did not conga I was too busy taking a picture, see below) Last time the band were told off as people were dancing in the aisle’s. The Philharmonic don’t have a dance licence was the line trotted out by the management so they must have been having kittens as the conga weaved around the isles and stage of the Phil. With an interval included, I love intervals at gigs/concerts if for the main reason I can sneak an extra bevvy or two in it also brings a mini high before the break to be followed up at the end by the traditional finish and encore.  The band genuinely seemed to enjoy the gig and me and Mrs Fay certainly did. So with an early finish for a gig of about 9:50 we jumped the train home and gave town a swerve and had a last drink in The Kingsman pub and then I came home to watch the Anthony Bellew fight I had recorded and had managed to stay away from the result by not going on Twitter or Facebook all evening. I leave you with a picture of the conga and a clip of Pink Martini and look forward to their return to Liverpool.


Fay x x x


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