Its 1985 in the Fay household.

So another gap in blogging. Nowt much going on in my life to report on. Well the small matter of picking between three jobs ! I was all set for a return to work for the council for 6 months when late last Friday Wakefield (were I worked for 2 years) said they had done my reference but would I be interested in going back there for 8 weeks starting in December. My head had already been frazzled deciding if I should go back to the council but having made my mind up this was a late twist in the tale. Anyway to cut a long story short I shall return to work for Wakefield a week on Monday for 8 weeks and hopefully longer. Just need to keep myself in work until late March and then when bambino numero tres pops out (or sliced out as it will be) I can then take a month off to go the gym loads and go on the ale, sorry I mean help Mrs Fay and ickle one out. I am sure that after a month off Mrs Fay will be driving me to my next job. So I was looking forward to seeing some old council faces on my return. I felt a bit guilty in turning them down, especially after haggling a wage increase from them but such is life and I have to look after number one in the same way that they would have when my six month contract was up. You never know I might end up back there sometime but after leaving them once and then turning them down at the last minute I dont think my name will be on any chrimbo card lists.

Still waiting on finance to start the process of doing my nans house (when will I start calling it ours) I was cleaning a few things out today to make a start and come to the conclusion that my nan must have been given a handbag for every year she lived as I have never seen so many handbags apart from of the dodgy Africans in Spain but at least they also sell dodgy 1970’s porno cards. Alas I haven’t found any in my nans house yet. If I do they will be mine anyway as I am sure I lost a pack in about 1998 but I couldn’t exactly ask my nan if she had found my cards !!

I love retro and the memory of waiting for the “Shoot” football magazine to come out in the mid 80’s with the league tables. The weekly magazine was well known for its annual free gift of “Shoot League Ladders”. This consisted of a thin card sheet on which were printed blank league tables for each division of The Football League, with a slit in the card alongside each position on the tables. Also given away were T-shaped “tabs” for each club in the league (printed in the appropriate team colours) which could be fitted into the slits to indicate where each team currently stood in the league table. As the season progressed and teams moved up and down the table, their tabs could be moved to new slits accordingly. Old league ladders are still regularly sold on eBay as seen below.

So it was with great excitement the other week in a toy shop in Conway I located the new modern version. OK maybe not modern as that would be electrical but where would the fun be in that ? It was a step up from cardboard a magnetic football league chart. The 10 year old in me wanted to buy this straight away but the 38 year old in me said I aint paying £20. So with the age of the internet I snapped up the chart for a bargain £9. The delivery driver from Amazon came and there were the tables in all there glory. It was 1985 again. Liverpool were great (So were Everton but you cant have it all) Man Utd were shite, Man City average and Chelsea most probably in Division 2 (Championship in new money kids) So I waited for my eldest Elizabeth (7) to come in as I always involve her in my trips back to my childhood for example collecting the whole album last year of the World Cup sticker album from panini the first time I have ever completed an album. Said album is now on the top shelf and can only be handled by me wearing white gloves to protect the sacred album. So the league tables are all up to date and the relegation and promotion explained to Elizabeth. To be fair she had great fun setting up the tables and we await sunday morning as we can do the movers and losers after this weekends results.

To keep on a mid 80’s theme I was again snatching my childhood back and watched the third Star Wars Film “revenge of the sith” I was a tad jealous of Elizabeth as I of course had to watch the film backwards so to speak but Elizabeth had the joy of seeing Anakin turn in Lord Vader in human form and then into the machine version of Darth Vader.  Anyway I am off to continue thinking its the mid 80’s and going to listen to my Howard Jones and Nik Kershaw collection and don my “Frankie Says” tshirt whilst sipping on a soda stream. I leave you with the updated league tables and the link if you want to buy some LINK HERE


Fay x x x


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