Fireball, banks and a venn diagram.

So last night I missed what was possibly one of the best fireballs seen over this country at about 21:40. Twitter was alive with sightings and fake pictures but then a video appeared showing the fireball but only in black and white and not the full glory being described by many on Twitter. Its being called a meteor but for it to become a meteor I am informed it must make the ground otherwise its a fireball. Soon it was rumoured to be Charlie Adam’s penalty from last weeks Carling Cup final re-entering the earths atmosphere but again this has not been proven. Gutted I missed it being a bit of nerd over these types of things but alas I was in bed again for 20:30 just like Friday as it seems one of the best ways of keeping my aim of not having a bevvy until the new baby arrives is to just go to bed and resist the temptation of rose and Stella Cidre in the old fridge. So its day 7 out of 39 and on the 40th day god said let there be a baby and treat yourself to a bevvy son. So onto baby news and it was a scan on Friday at the women’s hozzi. Everything was fine and with the scan being so late (nearly 34 weeks) you could see amazing details of ickle Fay III indeed so much that he/she was blinking and poking its tongue out. So if indeed baby Fay is a male in traditional sexist style he would leap above my two daughters to become second in line to the throne. Succession being King John Fay to be passed to me King Neil Fay and then to my Eldest Elizabeth or if a boy King no name as we are just nowhere near a name for a boy !

The baby will be lucky to have a bedroom at this rate as being self-employed its been fucking hard to say the least in trying to get some cash to do my nans house up so we can move in. Even though I have loads of equity in my two properties (get on me eh) and the fact I am earning more money being self-employed than when working for Liverpool council “the computer says no” has been popping up everywhere including my current bank HSBC where I have my current mortgages and business account. Having never missed any kind of payment in my life and the HSBC can see my weekly income for the last 30 months the fuckers said no to me and then decided to take the piss announcing that they had made £14 billion profit for the last year. Another reason to hate the bastard bankers eh. So with the Halifax announcing that they are putting mortgage rates up even though the base rate is not changing (due to financial markets) I reckon all the other banks will now follow suit as they basically have us by the balls. The only thing that has stopped mass economic problems for most of us is the fact our mortgages have gone down to offset everything else going up and only recently have we started to feel the pinch. So if our mortgages go up we are all royally fucked (well those of us with decent size mortgages) If them bastards at the HSBC put up my mortgages despite making £14 billion what can I do ? They might as well bend me over and let the chairman Douglas Jardine Flint shove it right up my…………………. and to be honest for the £30,000 I am trying to get it might be the only viable option to get the cash. Feel free to email me douggie its

So on a lighter note the nerd in me found what is possibly the worlds best venn diagram


Fay x x x


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