Bosched by Tissot and bosched by Bosch

So my lovely Tissot watch hasn’t worked properly since I tried to re-set the time going to Tallinn last month. The digital display stopped working but the clock with arms was Ok just stuck on Estonian time. I was hoping that it was just a battery change needed but with it being a bit of a posh watch I would go to a recognised Tissot repair shop. Being the gadget man I am this is an all singing and dancing watch with it being able to read the temperature, barometric pressure, altitude , compass and funny enough it tells the time all be it only useful in Estonia at the moment. So with Mrs Fay going to town I asked her to pop into Goldsmiths in Liverpool one to see if it was the battery only that needed changing. So Mr Goldsmith said it might just be the battery but could also need fixing. To get a battery replaced it was £75 and for a full service it would be £155. Jesus Christ I thought it was only cars that got serviced (or men outside the Co-Op see last blog) The watch is coming up to being 6 years old as I bought it with money that was left to me when my mum died and rather than spending it all on booze, sausage rolls and M&S crisps I thought that I would get something nice to remember her by. So Mr Goldsmith had me by the bollocks here as I couldn’t refuse his offer to sort the watch out as it is sentimental to me. So begrudgingly I will be coughing up the money. Bosch over the head. Not only that but it will take six to eight weeks to service it. That is a lot of time and money to put a new battery in. I reckon Mr Goldsmith will pop out to a market trader buy a £2 battery and bang it in and keep it in the back for six weeks. I have been advised as its such a precision watch that’s why it takes so long hmmmmmmmm.  If I am ever left any money again I am gonna buy a cheap digital watch for five euro’s from the lucky lucky men on holiday and save myself a few bob. But anyway at least when the watch is back I will have a memory of my mum back and she will be looking down on me saying remember them 32 year I subsided you its payback time ha ha x x x.

So on Monday our new Bosch fridge freezer arrived. Not only arrived but with a missed call from John Lewis at 07:05 and then the bastards turned up at 07:15 am to deliver it. For crying out loud I have come in from nights out later than 07:15 am when I was in my prime the swearing for the day had begun. Later on it was time to take the old fridge out and put the new one in. Nice one man job well maybe not as my cursing started once again as I had to dismantle part of the kitchen units just to get the bloody plug out from the old fridge!! After a few more swear words it was time to bring the new fridge in the kitchen. I carefully manoeuvred it to the kitchen door bringing it in backwards when it got wedged. It was then I realised it wouldn’t fit and would have to go over the kitchen units and that was a two-man job. Just one problem the original man (me) was now stuck in the kitchen unable to move the new fridge out of the door bosched by the Bosch. Cue more swearing and my phone was also in the living room so I was trapped. All of a sudden the two Stella Cidre and bottle of rose in the old fridge had acquired a very short shelf life. But with a mighty effort of around 10 mins I managed to free myself from the kitchen and put things back as they were minus a few beads of sweat and a whole host of profanities. In the interest of health and safety it is only right I test the fridge capacity tonight by loading it with beers for the derby match. Good job Sky brought in the on-screen clock as I don’t have a watch at the moment eh.


Fay x x x


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