Disco’s austerity cuts

So last Thursday and its the first austerity cut for Disco and the death of Donna Summer. Two big memories of Donna Summer choons. The First being a remix in 1995 of the classic “I Feel Love” Some top memories of that being dropped in the 051 and it being remixed by Rollo and Sister Bliss. Twas a deep and dirty remix that sounded ace in a club. It reached the top 10 in the singles charts and prompted a few more remixes of Donna Summer choons. Next up was “State of independence” Now being young as the world was our oyster in 1995 we had decided that “State of independence” was going to be the choon that we were going to see the bright new millennium in with. Not only that but we were going to host the best millennium party on the planet. The venue was going to be under the christ the redeemer statue in Brazil. We would see the new millennium in and then as the sun rose on the first day of the new millennium we would drop Donna Summers “State of independence” and have a special moment we would remember for the rest of our lives. Well as it happens I ended up with at the future in laws with my fiance (not quite as good as getting trollied in Brazil) to see in the year 2000. The promise and charm of youth replaced with the start of the running of the rat race. The new millennium did not heed the start of a bright new exciting adventurous new dawn. It sent me hurtling down the route of highway rat race, married, three kids, a couple of jobs and two houses. Indeed that was exciting and adventurous. I will make it up to Christ the redeemer one day, bang “State of independence” on my ipod, close my eyes and imagine that party that never was.

Fast forward a couple of days to Sunday and another disco austerity cut with the death of Robin Gibb. Now one of the joys of Spotify is that when a music artist dies you can straight away listen to their back catalogue and see what the fuss is about. Now I must say after listening to the Bee Gee’s it must be said that it if isn’t dicso it’s not worth listening to. Boy what disco choons did the Bee gee’s come up with.  Now sadly we only have Chewbakka Gibb left with us. So after listening to Donna Summer and The Bee Gee’s it is quite clear I am a sucker for a bit of Disco. At one point in work this week I was eating a pack of Disco’s whilst listening to Disco enjoying my own disco inferno. All I needed to completely go dizzy would for the theme to Loveboat to come on. I aint gonna be getting on no love boat though after watching a documentary on the Costa Cordia . So disco has been served with some austerity cuts and judging by the number of Disco’s in a pack of Disco’s there has been some scaling back there as well or am i just a greedy bastard. So RIP Donna and Robin who have gone to the big jukebox in the sky and the glitter ball ascends with them for one last time. I dream of the lost chance of a party in Brazil and now go to bed with the stripping of 50-year-old wallpaper whizzing through my brain as our new house gets done up and I actually do a bit of manual labour. More of which no doubt to come.


Fay x x x


The Destroyers live in concert.

So Saturday night and it was off the The Kazimier to see a band called The Destroyers http://thedestroyers.co.uk/ A few swift pints before and we headed to The Kazimier. Never been to this venue before and situated next to where Cream was I was transported back to the 90’s. I have been in some states at that club and one memory was from one of the famous one a month Friday all nighters. We fell out of the club at 6am and it had snowed, cue a mass snowball fight in Wolstenhome Square. Less of the sentimental guff eh and back to the present day and with me hurtling towards my 40th birthday (16 months and counting) it was time for some live music instead of insane dancing, well I thought the insane dancing had ended. First a bit about the night was it was a themed night at The Kazimier called Balkanrama http://balkanarama.org/ it is described as a hot Balkan Instrumental Orgy: gathering finest musical talent performing live Gypsy, Klezmer and Balkan music! On entry it was a free brandy and I signed up for news on future events. Once in the venue my first impressions were it was a great little venue for live music. Cosy but well designed with many viewing points on different levels. For the record I found a nice set of steps to dance the night away in an insane fashion. Some of the main band were playing beforehand on the dance floor to get us in the mood and with the bar selling cans of Red Stripe I knew this was going to be a good night. So a bit about The Destroyers now. Playing here to promote their second album “Hole in the universe” which I haven’t had a listen to yet. I had managed to listen to the first album “Out of babel” and was looking forward to hearing live versions of tracks of that especially “out of babel” So how can you nail The Destroyers down ? Well their Facebook page has them as Turbo-folk-mega-Balkan-punk-polka-poetry !! A section of their biography says they are a collection of rogues and misfits from the Birmingham Conservatoire, The Destroyers was conceived in 2006 at the legendary Balkan Basement jam sessions in Moseley. They quickly burst free from the confines of the ‘Balkan Brass’ genre and emerged as an anarchic orchestra of blazing passion and breathtaking originality. Lets just say they were brilliantly different. Stand out tracks for me were “Out of babel” “Where has the money gone” and “Hole in the universe” The band consisted of at least 15 members including numerous brass and a hurdy gurdy. I didn’t expect to be dancing all gig but I was soon seduced by the Turbo-folk-mega-Balkan-punk-polka-poetry. Overall an excellent night put on and a great band and a 10/10 rating. We even managed to speak to a few of the band afterwards in the courtyard. Trying to suss out who it was might have been. I will hazard a guess at Rich and Gaz but then again the Red Stripe was kicking in so it could have been anybody. It was a late starting gig so my hazy memory made it about 2:30 am when I got in. I think it is safe to say The Destroyers destroyed me as I had a rare game of Sunday football at 11am and lets just say my performance was a bit affected.

So above is the title track from the latest album but lets just say it sounds even better live. Since found out that The Destroyers were at Glasto last year. Bit gutted I missed them as that would have been another magic Glasto moment. I will deffo be looking out for future gigs and hopefully a return to Liverpool. If you only try Turbo-folk-mega-Balkan-punk-polka-poetry once I recommend its The Destroyers. Oh christ I have just remembered the Methuselah mouse. You will just have to see them to find out that little secret.


Fay x x x

Its all nappies, feeding and politics (Armacleggon) and the cup final.

Well its been a busy old few weeks since my last blog with shitty nappies, late feeds and less sleep than normal but Holly is worth every ounce of effort we as parents have to put in. I am trying to embrace every second of fatherhood with the last child I have and enjoy it as the time just races by. Indeed Holly is now four weeks old and we don’t need much of an excuse for a treat in our household so it might by Colin the caterpillar cakes from M&S for us to scoff in celebration. Also been back in work for a fortnight now which hasn’t been as bad as I expected but enough of the baby stuff whats been going on in the big wide world over the last few weeks.

Seems politics is all the news has been about. Now I am no economist, although I did get a “D” at A level economics but could we not all see this double dip recession coming ? See previous blog HERE The economic gloom is set to continue for a long time yet. I however am planning to spend my way put of it and went the chippy last night and got an extra sausage. Then the curse of Jeremy Hunt strikes again. Often referred to as Jeremy Cunt by accident. See previous blog HERE Well once a cunt always a cunt (apologies for the c bomb) Just do us all a favour and resign although the longer it drags out the better if only Labour had a leader to hammer home the advantage. Once again poor old Keith Murdoch or Rupert as we like to call him was being all forgetful and confused looking at various items relating to his appearance at the Leveson enquiry. For a tiny moment I did feel sorry for poor old Rupe as he is 81 and should really be at home watching homes under the hammer and scoffing a nice Mr Kipling’s cake. Then reality soon bit my arse and I hope the **nt gets turned over and brings a few others down with him. Now extra meetings with another **nt Mr Cameron are coming into the domain. Interesting times. I spent an entire day listening to a mixture of the Leveson enquiry, prime Minister questions and Jeremy Hunt’s speech to the commons whilst working.  A nerdy day indeed.  This really is a blog full of **nts today.  Lets face facts politics from government to local government is rotten to the core. We need a new party for the people and the by-election at Bradford the other week proved there is a gap although I am not sure a parliament of George Galloway’s is the answer.

So the local elections were on Thursday and the nerd in me loves a good election but due to work I didn’t do my normal trick of staying up half the night to watch the election coverage but to be honest with many of the votes not being counted until Friday it wasnt worth it but with the coverage I had watched it was clear that Labour were going to make gains. By the time I was back in work on Friday it was clear that “Armacleggon” was on the cards and here in Liverpool that was evident. The Lib Dems suffered losses. Now I do feel sorry for some of them here at a local level because I have voted Lib Dem in the past at local level as they have has some very good councillors. But national decisions have left them hung out to dry and even the Liverpool Lib Dem leader Paula Keaveney lost her seat. A decent local candidate butchered from above for Clegg’s decision to get shafted by Cameron. I wont waffle on much more but one of the best shouts I heard was that the massive swing to Labour in seats was due to the electorate kicking out at the current government because when they voted in the general election nobody voted for a condem pact and here was a chance to show this. The Lib Dems are dead even jumping out of bed today with the Tories wont help them. All that hard work gone for whiff of power or should I say Cameron and Osbourne’s backsides.

So its cup final day today and I was awake at 06:30 not to go to Wembley but the baby had wind ! I love the FA Cup but just like football itself its going down the pan and isn’t the spectacle it once was. My first cup final I can remember was Spurs v Man City in 1981 and I remember being told to keep the noise down as I watched it as my mum was in bed after nights. Fast forward and 1986 and me and my old man were in the Everton end (thanks to tickets of Peter Reid’s old man) and as Everton went one nil up my dad said to me as soon as the match finishes we are off. So at the end of the match I naively asked my dad are we ready to go. I think an expletive followed including the words “were going nowhere” as Liverpool had won 3-1 to nail the double.  Another cup final memory was after Owen scored the second against Arsenal in the second leg of the cup treble and what happened can only be described as a large group of men on a living room floor. My latest cup final memory of the last time we won it against West Ham after Gerrard’s wonder goal the TV in The New York bar went off during penalties and we all legged it to Yate’s or the bookies to see the last few pens leaving my poor dad stranded in the boozer, but the TV came back on for the reds lifting the cup.  Hope todays cup final is a good one and knowing Liverpool’s record of finals its bound to be a good one (kiss of death) Come on you mighty reds.


Fay x x x

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