Disco’s austerity cuts

So last Thursday and its the first austerity cut for Disco and the death of Donna Summer. Two big memories of Donna Summer choons. The First being a remix in 1995 of the classic “I Feel Love” Some top memories of that being dropped in the 051 and it being remixed by Rollo and Sister Bliss. Twas a deep and dirty remix that sounded ace in a club. It reached the top 10 in the singles charts and prompted a few more remixes of Donna Summer choons. Next up was “State of independence” Now being young as the world was our oyster in 1995 we had decided that “State of independence” was going to be the choon that we were going to see the bright new millennium in with. Not only that but we were going to host the best millennium party on the planet. The venue was going to be under the christ the redeemer statue in Brazil. We would see the new millennium in and then as the sun rose on the first day of the new millennium we would drop Donna Summers “State of independence” and have a special moment we would remember for the rest of our lives. Well as it happens I ended up with at the future in laws with my fiance (not quite as good as getting trollied in Brazil) to see in the year 2000. The promise and charm of youth replaced with the start of the running of the rat race. The new millennium did not heed the start of a bright new exciting adventurous new dawn. It sent me hurtling down the route of highway rat race, married, three kids, a couple of jobs and two houses. Indeed that was exciting and adventurous. I will make it up to Christ the redeemer one day, bang “State of independence” on my ipod, close my eyes and imagine that party that never was.

Fast forward a couple of days to Sunday and another disco austerity cut with the death of Robin Gibb. Now one of the joys of Spotify is that when a music artist dies you can straight away listen to their back catalogue and see what the fuss is about. Now I must say after listening to the Bee Gee’s it must be said that it if isn’t dicso it’s not worth listening to. Boy what disco choons did the Bee gee’s come up with.  Now sadly we only have Chewbakka Gibb left with us. So after listening to Donna Summer and The Bee Gee’s it is quite clear I am a sucker for a bit of Disco. At one point in work this week I was eating a pack of Disco’s whilst listening to Disco enjoying my own disco inferno. All I needed to completely go dizzy would for the theme to Loveboat to come on. I aint gonna be getting on no love boat though after watching a documentary on the Costa Cordia . So disco has been served with some austerity cuts and judging by the number of Disco’s in a pack of Disco’s there has been some scaling back there as well or am i just a greedy bastard. So RIP Donna and Robin who have gone to the big jukebox in the sky and the glitter ball ascends with them for one last time. I dream of the lost chance of a party in Brazil and now go to bed with the stripping of 50-year-old wallpaper whizzing through my brain as our new house gets done up and I actually do a bit of manual labour. More of which no doubt to come.


Fay x x x


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