The “Never mind the Jubilee picnic”

So it’s the jubilee weekend and what better way to start it than attending an anti jubilee party. The event was called never mind the jubilee picnic held at The Camp & Furnace. A few swift pints to get us in the mood in The Coburg and The Brewery Tap and we headed off just around the corner to The Camp & Furnace. First up what a great venue. A large what looked like an old warehouse with a couple of bars, stage and an area selling jewellery and clothes. It could of almost been a little corner of Glastonbury in Liverpool. So some blurb about the night. The Furnace doors will be thrown open to host an revolutionary indoor street party and anarchist picnic, inviting republicans, pick’n’mix lefties and rexophobic nerds to unite under a banner of ’being slightly rude about the Queen while eating cucumber sandwiches and listening to loud music’. Molotov cupcakes, monarch jelly heads, Scargill’s chargrills and lots more from the Steven ‘Anthony’ Burgess communist cookbook. Irreverent music by 14-piece Balkan Gypsy combo The Destroyers and local bands, the CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix DJs, and of course a rousing chorus of The Pistols’ God Save the Queen will help to redress the balance of the true sentiment of the people.

So on entry (after the bar of course) one of the bands were on who I didnt catch the name of were on. Only a gang of young lads but very confident to the tune of “remember when you heard us play here when we make it” Ahhh the confidence and ambition of being young (I know 38 is young as I keep telling myself) Decent performance and some decent choons. A little walk around the venue and past some caravans one of which was giving free stick on tattoo’s but alas the queue was far too big for me. Lots of jewellery to buy and a whole host of wacky clothes but none in XL so I didn’t treat myself. So next up were The Destroyers. Now it was only a few weeks back I had the privilege to catch these BLOG HERE and here I was again. Mrs Fay likes me getting into new bands as often she likes them as well but she has spotted a worrying trend with The Destroyers that so far they play in Liverpool every few weeks and that means a big night out on the ale as she stays in with the three daughters ( I will take you next time x x ) As ever The Destroyers did not disappoint belting out their choons with the full band (15 members I think) We wouldnt really be much closer to the band and once again there was a lot of dancing going on and yes I was dancing like a knobhead. So after a rousing set from The Destroyers there were some post concert choons and some classic dance choons in the mix as well. What 90’s dance choons in a giant warehouse, there was only one thing to do and cue more dancing like a knobhead and closing my eyes and going back two decades without the sunday comedown !!! So we decided to go about one and luckily got a cab straight away in the rain. So that was my anti royal and non mainstream music concert done. Time to tow the line and today its off to see one of my fave bands The Christians who are supporting Status Quo at Speke Hall and then a jubilee BBQ in ours on Monday. So I will have covered a lot of bases this jubilee bank holiday weekend.

Final thought is that The Destroyers have destroyed my hearing as I still have a constant ringing in my ears (more than usual) In hindsight I think I was dancing like a knobhead a bit close to the speakers !!!

So boss venue, boss band and boss choons. All for free as well (apart from the grog) and I will deffo be on the lookout for future events at The Camp and Furnace. How many more hidden gems has Liverpool got to offer ?


Fay x x x


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