My near Paula Radcliffe moment.

So with the shite weather earlier on in the week I needed to get out and get a 10km run in the bank as I was to do the Liverpool Tunnel 10k on Sunday 10th June. So first the stuff about the run.  The accurately measured 10K course starts on Pall Mall in Liverpool city centre and travels along approximately 1 mile of roads before entering the Kingsway Tunnel via the emergency exit at the end of Blackstock Street. After a sharp u turn off the emergency exit runners then begin the gentle descent down under the River Mersey. The Tunnel entrance marks the 2K point with markers for 3K and 4K positioned inside the Tunnel. Around 3.5K runners notice the descent level off before starting the long, slow ascent out of the Tunnel and into the daylight on the Wirral side of the river. Leaving the Tunnel via the Emergency exit before the toll booths, runners move on to Oakdale Road and a welcome slight downhill section at 5K where the first drinks station is located. The second half of the course is as flat as it comes with a further mile from the Tunnel to the Wallasey Ferry terminal where runners can see the finish at New Brighton – albeit 2 miles away!

So Thursday after work with the wind howling and the rain coming down I set off from ours to nail a 10k. Weather was not too bad until I ended up down on Garston shore and I was exposed to the wind. Not just from the coast but from my other end. I thought nothing of this and with 5km still to run was determined to get a 10k in the bank whatever the time. As my run continued I started getting slight stomach cramps which as I ran further became worse and worse in the end almost causing me to stop running such was the pain. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on but as I made it up to Speke Road for the last stretch from Dobbies back to ours I realised that the cramps were indeed toilet pains !!! With about a mile left I had a few options open to me. First was to do a Paula Radcliffe and take a detour back down towards Garston shore and meet nature ! Second was to make it to Damons Diner and jog in there soaking wet through in my jogging gear, a wooly hat and big fat red face. Final option was to go for home. I reckoned I could make it so I stepped up the pace only slowing when the cramps were kicking in. Just 400 meters from ours but that’s when the mind plays tricks as I was so near and yet so far. Here I had visions of a major accident and me having to walk in a very funny manner around the corner into our road with a dodgy smell following me. Luckily enough I made it to the door and fumbled for the key, legged it straight upstairs and lets just say for the next half an hour I had my own jubilee on my throne. So what caused that as my diet is so narrow its very hard for me to have food poisoning so did I have a bug ? No it was indeed “runners trotts” Fuck me you learn something new everyday.  It’s not unusual for runners to experience gastrointestinal disorders or diarrhea, also known as “runner’s trots”, during long runs. The cause may be dietary in nature or due to lack of blood flow during digestion (since the blood is being pulled to your muscles). So basically because I was a pie arse trying to run 10k I got “runners trots” I have run further than that before and been OK. So Sunday morning I will be having Lucozade Sport for breakfast and that will be it until post race.


Fay x x x


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