Liverpool tunnel 10k report

So sunday morning and sausage barms and a glass of Irn Bru to brush the previous nights bevvies away. Hmmmm not this Sunday. Awake at 7:30 and a Lucozade sport for breakfast. So we headed into town and were soon at Pall Mall ( three houses that will be £28 pound please) and with my race number picked up (2994) we had plenty of time spare before the start and as ever there was the man on the mic trying to gee everybody up reminding us that the air conditioning in the tunnel had been on overnight. So was that for a nice temperature or to prevent us all from dying from fumes ? He was also reminding us that the tunnel wasnt as bad as we would expect !! So the race started and with a slow walk over the start line where your chip in your number activated your time (technology eh) It was onto the tunnel via an access route. So my pre race tactic was not to leg it down the tunnel so I had energy to pass people on the way up the hill. Well the first part went to plan taking it easy downhill. I did indeed have energy to get up the other side if not overtaking many people. The tunnel was harder than I expected. Finally I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was expecting to have to make one last push up to the toll booths but joy upon joy everybody was turning left earlier. Then the sting in the tale it was up an access ramp which was steeper than the tunnel !!! So having made it up that it was down towards the waterfront and the last 4km along the promenade. No wind this morning so that was good but the sun was out and the decision to wear my track suit top made it a bit warmer than expected but I suppose that’s and extra sausage roll I burned off sweating. One thing about the flat finish is that you could see the finish line from literally miles away and it didn’t seem to be getting any closer. On the run for home I passed quite a few people who had taken the knock and being tended too (hope they were OK) but ahead of me I was being beaten by a blind person and was then overtaken by a man with a dog !!! A later stewards enquiry proved that the dog did not have an official number on so I beat him/her. I managed a late spurt in pace and finished in a time of 1:04:05 and 2002nd out of just over 3000. I grabbed a drink and my medal but passed the fruit section due to my dodgy diet. A pack of McCoys would have done the trick. So a bit disappointed I didn’t get under the hour but not a bad effort considering I only decided to attempt it about 2 weeks ago after a few runs and the excess “beer baggage”I am carrying. So it was back home to Liverpool for an open top bus parade around Garston which ended up in front of thousands at Speke Retail where I was rewarded with a free dolly dash around M&S food where I stocked up on luxury crisps, colin the caterpillar chocolate cakes and bottles of Rose. No post race delusions there eh ?

So next up will be a possible attempt at a half marathon early next year and then a challenge that was set. I think I would have been about 12 years old when my dad who was nudging 20 stone at the time stated that when he was 40 (next year) he would do the marathon. We soon picked ourselves up off the floor. His first run around Sefton Park was about 300 meters before he had to stop. Anyways he got down to around 12 stone and duly completed the Mersey marathon. He then threw the challenge down to me to repeat his feat. As a 13 year old I smiled and thought that is absolutely years away, in fact so far away its hard to comprehend I will reach such a time. Well Jesus Christ in September 2013 I will be 40 and there should be a Liverpool marathon in October of that year. Work and family commitments willing I will have a crack at the marathon and hopefully will be starting from a better position, although I suppose I could bang an extra three stone on and do fuck all exercise wise for the next 15 months (how much fun would that be !! ) But anyway lets bask in the glory of my current race and I think its time for a well deserved beer.

No aches and pains tonight but instead a touch of manflu !!! Which as we know is very serious indeed.


Fay x x x


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