Olympic fever.

So a major lack of blogs in the last few weeks. Down to me not doing much apart from work and working on our new house. So apart from my dodgy trigger finger there is nothing to report. But over the last two weeks I have developed olympic fever. The first symptoms were two weeks ago when me, Mrs Fay and out cultural friend Helen watched the opening ceremony in glorious 3D. Well we took our glasses off once we seen the “A” countries come out and put them back on once the final bit of the ceremony took place including the lighting of the flame. The ceremony went on that long that I had to send the eldest daughter to bed and she missed the flame being lit. It also went on that long that I consumed quite a bit more wine than I had planned and was worried at one point as I was expecting one flame but could see numerous flames but thankfully that was the design of the flame.

So after completing my Euro 2012 Panini sticker album (now locked away with our completed World Cup 2010 album) the eldest also wanted to collect the London 2012 Panini sticker album. So being a sucker for grabbing any bit of my childhood it was a box of 100 packs off e-bay and let the Panini games start. Them bastards at Panini sure know how to stretch an album out with stickers for the graphics for each event and even a picture of a shuttlecock stating 8,400 shuttlecocks will be used during the games. I mean come on how do they know this. Had the taken into consideration that about 6 teams didn’t try so them “cocks” is that the right phrase ? Would have lasted longer and also what if games finished early. It’s all just a scam to get the suckers to get the panini album full, step forward me ! Browsing through the sticker album now I can see a sticker of a train, Stratford station and one I need David Beckham (anybody got him on swap ? ) Anyways just 95 stickers to fill a book of 483 and it then will then be locked away with the World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012 full albums to be discovered in the loft when I die, the kids will rush down to the antiques roadshow to get them valued at £30 for each album which will be less than the amount I bloody spent on a box of stickers on e-bay !!!

How good have the olympic channels been. 24 HD channels and I have watched all kinds of shite. in the day i have had the Tv on in the background and listened to the commentary for the entire mens Triathlon and womens 10k swim !!! I found myself strangely drawn to the cross country and show jumping but you can stick your dressage up your …… and as for that dancing dressage I would have spiked my horse with a “Gary Ablett” and played some 2 Unlimited to guarantee gold although the post medal drug test might have raised a few questions (Disclaimer animal nerds that was a joke I would never spike a horse with ecstasy as we all know they need ketamine) Can not really get into the Handball or Fencing but how good is the BMX. All them crashes reminded me of the reason I used to watch formula one. I have even been watching the Eurosport 3D coverage. Watching the swimming with the eldest I was offering a pound if she picked who won the race. Three nights of not paying out and then the penny (or the pound) dropped. She got onto the fact that the lanes are seeded and after picking lane four for four races on the run hitting me for £4 the game was quickly abandoned.

I had to take part in the Olympics and we went to a mens footy quarter-final last Saturday at Old Trafford (Japan v Egypt) for the record. Only £20 and just an excuse to drink numerous Desperado’s around Manchester. I had been on a crusade of no sliced bread (OK the odd barm) and was nearing 7 weeks when we went for a pint and breakfast by the lovely Salford Quays by media city. I ordered a sausage barm and it came out and only after eating half of it I realised it was in fact sausage on toast !!! Even more gutted I didn’t use the butter on the toast.

Finally with the Olympics plastered everywhere my dose of olympic fever got worse as I bought some London 2012 Adidas trainee’s, got the girls a Wenlock and Mandeville mascot each and how much bloody different chocolate items to Cadbury’s have to produce. But I leave you with what I really want. With the sun being out today I always bang on Soul II Soul’s “Club classics volume 1) album (Keep On Movin and Back To Life) It was then on Twitter I had seen Soul II Soul had played an olympic gig and that they had been presented their own bar of cadbury’s chocolate. How much do I want one of these ? Soul II Soul’s motto is ” A Happy Face, A thumpin bass for a lovin race” which I quickly changed to “Stuffin my face, A thumpin bass for a lovin race” and got a retweet from them but alas no chocolate bar.

So these olympics have been boss. Paralympics next but be warned.

I have had olympic fever big time and don’t know what I will do on Monday to fill the huge void in my life. Might just have to flick through my London 2012 Panini sticker album and wish that instead of a picture of Stratford station there was one of Jessica Ennis’s bum, now thats got to be worth 10 normal stickers if I had that on swap ?


Fay x x x x


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