Deacon Blue live at The Liverpool Echo arena

So here we are again and a second fix of Deacon Blue in just over a week. This time we are at the Liverpool Echo Arena. I wasn’t originally going to this gig but a spare ticket was offered on Facebook from a mate who I used to hang around with way back in the early 80’s. This was also a chance to catch up with the same crew who I played with as a kid in Aigburth vale and later seen at numerous Liverpool games in the early 90’s. So I met the gang at The Pumphouse and I was first there, hate being in boozers on my own. In the old days this would lead to wasted money thrown into a fruit machine but now it means I just drink very quick. Dont know whats worse being a fruity addict or a piss head ? So the gang turned up not after one of the lads “kiddy” had a Jeremy Beadle moment and walked straight into the glass door of The Pumphouse a comedy gold moment that I sadly missed. So soon it was all our yesterdays and the endless hours playing footy on Sudley and St Margarets field. Talking about the old games we used to play including a footy board game called “Kick off” and an electronic footy game called “Jimmy” that I had for about my 9th birthday. The game consisted of just pressing numbered buttons and a red LED light came on. This was the cutting edge of electronic footy games at the time. No FIFA 1983 in them days eh ! The hours of fun we had on that. A quick look on ebay and its only on there isn’t it ! Shall I throw a cheeky bid in. But what if I win and it’s really shit and a childhood memory is shattered the disappointment will be equal to that of going to see The Phantom Menace. It was a trip down 80’s memories lane when age 8 you could do literally anything when the world was a much safer place (so we are told) the summers were boss resulting in great water fights every summer. Managed to find a picture of “Jimmy” the 80’s electronic footy sensation (well maybe not)

So onto the gig and as ever Deacon Blue once again delivered a top gig. With seats on the side quite near the stage it was a great speck and nice to be looking down on the action as opposed to looking up from the floor seating. As expected the atmosphere was much better than the Manchester gig I went to. Well there was 5000 people here tonight and the normal pissed up Deacon Blue gig mentality that Liverpool has wasn’t as noticeable tonight. Nice to hear some songs I had not heard live before despite what must be about 20 Deacon Blue gigs I have seen. First one was “This changing light” and I thought the mention of Thatcher would have got a bigger reaction. Whenever I hear that name I just can’t help but break out into a large “boooooooo” Ricky Ross then made a lovely Hillsborough tribute which stuck a chord with the lads I was with as they were there that day. Deacon blue sang “Take me to the place” as a mark of respect to the people who died that day and a lovely song with the background tune of “Abide with me” So the hits were rolled out and as ever “Dignity” and ‘Real Gone Kid” were massive. Still cant believe people were sitting down to “Real Gone Kid” in Manchester. The new version of “Twist and Shout” which includes breaking into The Beatles version of “Twist and Shout” was lapped up by the Liverpool crowd and as ever the band finished with “Stars” reminding us we are all advancing in years. Another five star gig.

Post gig beers consisted of just staying in “The Liverpool” a bar I have had a pint in but never stayed for longer than that. Strange old boozer with a mixture of a live band and a DJ playing choons. He was on the ball and had realised loads of people had bailed in from the Deacon Blue gig so played a few tracks from them and we were all singing once again. The band were decent and played some good “oldies” which got the “oldies” going in there with some ald fella doing some great dancing which looked like it was straight from the Northern Soul scene. I reckon he was at Wigan Pier back in the day. I think I staggered out of the Liverpool about 1.30 and said my goodbyes to everybody. It was great seeing the people I knocked around with when I was a young kid on the streets of Aigburth and meeting their wives. I had a belter night and armed with a burger and chip barm I headed home with not too much of a hangover today I am helping the father in law do some roofing on what will be my own little boozer in our new house. i say help as usual I just pass him stuff and he does all the hard work !!! Anyways here is the set list from Liverpool.


Liverpool Echo Arena

Posted in Autumn 2012

1. Here I Am in London Town
2. The Hipsters
3. That’s What We Can Do
4. Your Swaying Arms
5. Queen of The New Year
6. Chocolate Girl
7. This Changing Light
8. The Outsiders
9. Your Town
10. Real Gone Kid
11. The Rest

12. Take Me To The Place
13. He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
14. When Will You….

15. Born / Raintown
16. Loaded
17. Fergus
18. Stars

Nicked a picture from DB’s Facebook site as the ones I took on my phone turned out shite !!!


Fay x x x x


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