Cover up or Star Wars angry birds ?

Back after another break. Must be writers block or have I just been in hiding with all these dodgy people getting arrested ( Dave Lee Travis) or allegations when you have popped your clogs (Cyril Smith) Starting with the former I am currently sporting a “hairy cornflake” beard and was planning on keeping it until christmas, might have to have a rethink on that plus its got a bit more grey in than when I last grew it earlier on in the year. Moving onto the latter the only fear I had as a child about Cyril Smith is would he eat me ! But joking aside its a grim story and I have spent far too much time on the David Icke forum. Now I do not buy into lizards controlling us through dodgy lightbulbs and one post even had the title “Hurricane Sandy did it happen” But there are now hundreds of pages on the Jimmy Savile thread. A quick summary is that there was (is) a peado ring in the establishment which is covered up and after Savile popped his clogs a chink in the secret occurred and so dead people and shite celebs are being served up on a plate so deflect from the truth. Something has gone on and we don’t know about it but the decision to be made is where is the line drawn between fact and wild internet fantasy including stuff of about The Mccann’s and The Dunblane shootings. It’s all out there with a quick google and  I would never normally buy into these things but the admission of the cover up of the Hillsborough disaster made me think hmmmm what else has been covered up. A second thing that got me thinking was when my dad died we were told as we were from Liverpool to pop back the hospital in a few hours and we could pick up a death certificate save us coming up from Liverpool again. A few hours later though this had changed as we were told that he would have to have an autopsy and then an inquest. Why the change all of a sudden ? Well we were told that they had to check if he had died from an industrial disease as he had worked in factories in the past. Now me and my sister had told the hospital nothing about this and my dads motto was always “tell the powers in control nothing and trust none of them” So how did they know ? Was his name put into the computer and an alert came up ? Well something went on , just how much info do the powers that be hold on us ? Christ I am wandering into David Icke territory and I haven’t even cracked a bottle of Desperado open yet. There are still questions to be asked over my dad’s death that I can’t blog about yet and I hope that I don’t have to write a blog about NHS care pathways but hopefully we will get the answers to the outstanding questions we have. But lets just say the natural causes on his death certificate and no mention of cancer has unfortunately meant that this has raised more questions than answers.

Hmmmm strayed onto heavy stuff once again then eh. In other news I played a rare game of 11 a side footy on sunday against yes the police (No I dont trust them either) and we managed to hold on for a 5-4 victory which was followed by numerous post Desperado’s, pints of Red Stripe , rum and Coke and a double JD to finish off !! It was a rare occasion when I was a bit pissed by the end of the evening and didn’t realise how big the hill coming up Rose Lane was walking home. I reckon it was that steep I was taking one step forward and two steps back but I swayed home in the end. I must admit that I do have a slight addiction and the admission is the first step on the pathway to recovery. I am indeed addicted to Star Wars Angry Birds. Last check I was number 2,568 out of 666,444 players on the ipad version. I will improve ha ha. Feel free to add me on game center “faymondo”


Fay x x x x

This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s cultural fact. We are playing for big stakes here, and the Establishment knows it. A great many senior public figures could find their career histories dramatically changed….along with their daily place of residence.


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