Into 2013 only seems a few years ago it was 1990 !!

So the eve of 2013, not sure what it is about 2013 but it just seems a shite number. Are we officially entering the teens ? (cheap Jimmy Savile gag resisted) Well I am rounding the year off with a cheeky early beer and might as well review the year gone by and then look forward to 2013. It honestly does only seem like a few years ago it was 1990. The halcyon days of hair and 32″ jeans. After the amount of Desperado’s necked this chrimbo and food eaten even my “fat” jeans were feeling snuggish this morning as I went on a lovely walk. So lets see what 2012 brought my way.


So after spending new years eve 2011 watching Jools Holland, having a bevvy and eating sausage rolls (wow funny enough that’s what I will be doing tonight) the new year started with a lad I know getting into a Twitter storm with a comment re gay ex rugby player Gareth Thomas. Never again will the lad use the hashtag #padlockmyarse. Looking ahead I realised there was a new baby in a few months and a house to completely gut and renovate. I was labelling Andrew Murray as a loser. Such is the power and reach of this here blog look what Mr Murray ended up doing later on in the year inspired by my coaching.


Dominated by the annual trip away with a school thats name is withheld to protect the guilty and 2012’s venue was Tallinn in Estonia. Loads of beer , very cold temperatures which with the snow that had fallen encouraged the oldest in combined age I had ever seen for a slide tackle between two people (120 years) More beer and a bit of culture The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral followed by more beer, the regaining of my darts crown , a few more beers and then one of the lads turning into a hamster. Is that X hamster or hamster x ??


Well I missed the famous fireball that most of the country managed to get a look at. I did manage to catch a man getting a blowjob outside the Co-Op in Garston village. I was nearly forced to be giving blowjobs to earn enough money to fix my Tissot watch. Another attack on my wealth I blogged about was George Osborne and his tax on sausage rolls (Pastygate) thankfully just the threat of forming UMSRA the untax my sausage roll alliance was enough for the first of many u-turns by this government. Just wish they would do a fuck off out turn.


Suppose I better mention becoming a father for the third time with the birth of Holly Grace Eileen Fay born on 05/04/2012 at 16:16. Certainly been a change to our life style having two older girls 7 and 4 the lack of sleep has been tougher this time around but I wouldn’t swap her for the world (well maybe an iphone 5) April always brings what I call a twat of a day on the 15th. A day that marks 6 years since my mum died and 23 years since the Hillsborough disaster. The year would bring so much better news for the families of the Hillsborough dead at long last.


May brought about an F.A.Cup final defeat but a memorable night in my mate Joel’s. Just how much fun can you have with paper plates re-inacting a scene from The Snowman in his garden ? May also brought about a gig by The Destroyers at The Kazimier. Great band and great venue. Never thought I would find myself dancing to Turbo-folk-mega-Balkan-punk-polka-poetry but I did. Disco suffered from austerity cuts with the death of Donna Summer and the slog on out new house had well and truly begun.


Gig time again and another new great venue The Camp & Furnace for some more Turbo-folk-mega-Balkan-punk-polka-poetry and The Destroyers once again this time at an anti-royal street party followed by a jubilee party in our garden later on in the month. As you can see by that I have no morals and just like to party whatever the cause. I completed the tunnel 10k but not before having a near miss with a Paula Radcliffe style accident in training. Oh and more work on the house.


With no Glasto the gigs just kept on coming and this time the triumphant return of the Stone Roses in what was a truly magical occasion. This blog racked up its third birthday and the god particle was sussed. Done a bit more work on the house as well.


All about the olympics. I grabbed a bit of olympic magic all be it a footy match at Old Trafford Japan v Egypt. Who can ever forget the 24 dedicated channels, the team GB success but the highlight of the month was non olympic related and I completed my, apologies Elizabeths Euro 2012 panini sticker album. The month was rounded off with my elder daughters turning 8 and 5. Oh and have I mentioned more work on the house ?


(cue sad background music) So September the 15th and we finally made it into our new house and how nice it is still after over 3 months of living in it but what was to be a joyous occasion was sadly overshadowed by the death of my dad one day after my birthday on 19th September. Wont add much more but see blog here were it was all said “John Fay 12.02.45 to 19.09.12”  On a brighter note another belter gig this time Henry Priestman on a Mersey Ferry rounded off the month.


Started off with the funeral of my dad but things soon looked up as I seen Deacon Blue twice. The world was going peado crazy including my daughters school issuing a pick your kids up warning. I was introduced (as we all were) to the strange world of Jimmy Savile. Little did I know I would become semi addicted to his past and have read many crazy allegations about him but I will put on record that there is more to meet the eye about Savile and I hope 2013 will see more re this. For the record I think that things run right to the heart of the establishment at the time and by throwing us some dodgy old age names they are trying to keep a lid on it. Chunks of my childhood passed away as TVAM’s Mike Morris and CEEFAX left this earth.


The first of my Savile ramblings was posted (have I bored you yet ?) I spent most the month playing Star Wars Angry Birds. Moving on from my Desperado addiction of September we were now moving into 8% cider territory. I stumbled across an old photo from out wedding and blogged about how the entire wing of my family was dead. Must have been the 8% cider causing me to fall into depressing blogs.


Even before chrimbo it was an eventful month with gigs by Elbow, The Christians and Connie Lush oh and I got to meet my all time footballing hero Jan Molby. The previous drunken prop of me and my mates the paper plate was now replaced by a curly wig with my mate taking some stick for this dodgy coat come jumper and I decided to play Starsky and Hutch as we had a little party in ours that finished at 4;30am !! Earlier that same night I was tapped on the back in a boozer and was addressed as “Faymondo” in the brief second my brain had to digest being called that I thought shit what crap have I spouted on here that has caused offence to anybody but thankfully it was the husband of an old school friend who only knew me as Faymondo via blogs and twitter, phewwww. Chrimbo came and went (thank fuck) and  here we are on the verge of 2013.

This blog has been far too long to look ahead to 2013 but I will end it with a toast to my old man who I miss more than ever and with him being the last of my elder generation family the start reality has hit home that I am now King Fay and what that entails and how life is being re-evaluated (cue early mid-life crisis ha ha)

A second toast is to my father in law who will be around later to drink all my beers. Without him we wouldn’t have got anywhere near to finishing our house and latterly my boys room/pub. Forever indebted to him, he knows he has free concert tickets for life from me. Thank you so much.


Peace and a very happy new year to you all

Fay x x x x


A Connie Lush chrimbo

So a tale of two chrimbo nights out. First up Thursday and I gegged in for a few beers with a group of teachers I know (including the father in law) only managed one pub (several bevvies though) which was The Rose & Crown and then it was onto a concert at the Cavern with Connie Lush 7 the Blues Shouters. This time we made the support unlike the last gig which was The Christians and I missed the great Ali Ingle (who I am listening to typing this) Sadly I cant remember the support acts name but it was a finely voiced scouse girl. I have seen Connie Lush a few times at the Mathew Street festival but at a little venue like the Cavern I knew I was in for a treat and I was. What a belter voice Connie has. I remember her singing on an old dance music track from about 1990 called “Givin Way” I did have it on vinyl but have sadly lost it and its such a rare track I haven’t managed to find it again on you tube etc. But back to the present and its full on blues this time around. Backed by a tremendous band The blues shouters which at times was just like watching the original blues brothers band I couldn’t really ask for much more, chrimbo beers and spot on blues. Well I was in for another treat and a chrimbo song, not in the sense it’s about chrimbo but was out around chrimbo many years ago. Brian Nash (Nasher from Frankie Goes To Hollywood) came out to play guitar as Connie Lush belted out “The Power Of Love” great stuff. I had seen them perform this at the Liverpool number one gig a few years back but I was miles away from the stage. This was an intimate gig and a special musical moment. I was a big Frankie fan back in the day and being only 11 when Frankie burst onto the scene I think my dad was having kittens with my pictures of the band from Smash Hits and Number 1 magazine on my wall, too much leather and muzzies ! Funny enough in the weeks before I had been listening to Nasher’s album “A Lo Minimo” again good stuff with a surprise voice at the end of the album (I wont spoil it)  So the evening was rounded off with a crowd sing a long of “Stand by me” and a belter gig was over. Just got my fingers crossed the Connie Lush is on at Glasto next year and I must see Nasher should he gig oh and get his book on my kindle “Nasher says relax” Could only get a shite picture of Connie and Nasher but hey ho.

Connie Lush & Nasher

So chrimbo night out number two (not bad really as I hate chrimbo !! ) and it was beers with the lads which involved a nice Liverpool win for a change and we started off at The Baa Baa in student land then weaving our way into town via The Phil onto the new Bierkeller. Expensive in there (£9 for a two pint stein of DAB) but all of a sudden the big screens lifted and a German Band came on and had the house rocking. Open encouraged to climb on the rows of seats set out in rows Bierkeller style. I am assuming this is a franchise and must be raking it in as I reckon there were 300 plus people in the gaff !! From one slice of Bavarian cheese onto some 70″s cheese and a trip to Flares and cue comedy wigs and glasses. This is where we encountered our first person who actually had his own real comedy hair and we grabbed a pic with him as you do ??? Exit Flares (only so much you can take of that gaff) and a walk up to O’Neill’s via a quick picture with The Moores brothers (see below) and here we encountered person number two with a real life comedy wig and again a picture opportunity. Just how many people in Liverpool have comedy curly hair. I am starting to think the stereotypical scousers look is making a comeback ! So with sambuka’s on the go (Why ??) it was time to head home and the next day I was feeling only a bit delicate but enough to admit to a rare hangover. Pre chrimbo rounded off with the great news the Hillsborough single had made number one (still unsure of the popstars with links to The Sun) So now the kids are packed in bed and middle kid Charlotte (5) is crying as she doesn’t want santa to go in her room. Christ I hope she hasn’t been reading the Jimmy Savile conspiracy theory forum I am addicted to !!

Not a chrimbo fan but not a big as a humbug for wishing you a merry chrimbo to you and your families. Grab every moment you can with them as sadly as I have found out this year they aint around forever. Mrs Fay doing the hosting on our first chrimbo dinner this year so fingers crossed. Wont bother me as I am having a burger and fries to go (gods honest truth)

Fay and the Littlewoods Moores brothers


Fay x x x x

The Christians live at the Liverpool Royal Court

So Sunday night and no better way to spend it than a few cheeky bevvies and a performance from my joint fave band The Christians. The Christians were the first band I ever got into at the tender age of 13 after popping down to Woolies on Allerton Rd to buy the 7″ single of “Forgotten Town” Fast forward just over 25 years and what seems like a whole lifetime has passed. The b-side of the “Forgotten Town” single called “Why Waltz” sent me off discovering soul and then onto blues later on and really did set me on my eclectic musical journey. I can pinpoint certain times and places to songs by The Christians fro buying “Hooverville” in W.H Smiths in Llandudno !! Onto queuing up in HMV Liverpool to get my copy of “Words” signed. Starting uni and moving into my nans house when the “Happy in hell” album came out. Last time I seen The Christians in the Royal Court I think I was about 16 and ended up going on my own !! So I was kindly given a guest list ticket to add to the two that I had bought so I invited a Christians virgin who enjoyed the gig. Unfortunately the ticket was upstairs and the other two down so we decided to miss the support to sneak another bevvy in. So after heads and tails to see who went upstairs on their todd we just about made it for the first song. With lots of singles in the back catalogue from the days when five singles came from one album it’s always a joy to listen to The Christians and being transported back to when the songs came out. The last time I seen The Christians was last summer supporting Status Quo outside at Speke Hall. I say summer because the temperature was about 7c and it was pissing down and blowing a gale right of the shore of The Mersey. Conditions were that bad that we were on whisky chasers !! But back to tonight’s gig and you can deffo tell that as a band they have been touring more as the band was excellent and Garry’s vocals were very good (assisted very well by Joey Ankrah) All the hits and more were belted out with my fave song “Words” always hitting a chord with me and taking me right back to the Christmas of 1989 now 16 and without a fucking care in the world. Also nice to hear “And That’s Why” but I would prefer the “Why Waltz” version. So on facebook ex band member and main song writer Mr Henry Priestman had said he was going to the gig and so with it being a celebration of 25 years of The Christians I was expecting a cheeky appearance and was not let down as he joined the band on guitar for “Ideal World” as said by Henry it would be nice to get Russell Christian back for the 30th anniversary and I really must get around to see Russell in his new guise as A Ray Of Charles covering Ray Charles tracks. We were treated to a bonus of Henry doing one solo song “Grey’s the new blonde” Do check out his solo album “The chronicles of a modern life” So eventually after numerous shouts for crowd fave “Hooverville” it was played and the crowd lapped it up. Still cant suss why Hooverville is the most shouted out for song ? With an encore and finishing with their biggest hit the cover of The Isley Brothers “Harvest for the world” It was a great night and the best performance by the band I have seen since the acoustic tour in the early 2000’s Great to hear a few new songs from the “Speed of life” album but a shame nothing from “Prodigal Sons” was played I would have liked to hear “No Pain” and “Close to midnight” the night was rounded off by the now traditional trip to the Lobster Pot chippy and train home. With a walk up from Aigburth station it suddenly dawned on me I needed a piss and then the wisdom of it doesn’t matter how far you walk home after a few beers be it 10 mins or 5 miles from town why is it that when your 500m from the house you suddenly become desperate for a piss ?? So from the words of “I found out” sadly very rarely played at gigs “In the grand scheme of things, were just tiny grains of sand we don’t mean a thing to the powers in control”

The Christians live at the Liverpool Royal Court
The Christians live at the Liverpool Royal Court


Fay x x x x

Elbow, Molby and a lost diamond.

So here we are once again and the season of goodwill to all knob heads is upon us. Let us start with a gig I went back to way back last month when every morning wasnt brightened up by scoffing a daily cadburys chocolate from my advent calendar and also a gift from my Lego Star Wars advent calendar. Always nice to stand at a gig, not so nice if your behind me. But Elbow did not disappoint. Only seen Elbow once before and that was at Glasto 2011. Wasnt sure how they would carry a large crowd off with their more slow tempo music but they were great musically and a frontman at ease with crowd interaction. I love a singer who interacts with the crowd. Not just holding the mic out like Robbie Williams and not like Oasis who literally mumbled the song title and went into the track. Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue is also a great crowd player. You might say its all about the music mannnn but Guy Garvey was on top form.  So it was a different ambiance in the Echo Arena an arena which as you might know is not one of my faves and they have taken it a step too far when you can actually hear an echo from the back of the soulless concrete arena (Just get some drapes or something to cushion the sound) Musically Elbow are great highlight of the night for me was “Lippy Kids” which transported me back to Glasto and of course their anthem “One Day Like This” Nice trick of having a walkway from the stage so you felt closer to the action. Just the one post concert scoop to let the traffic go and that was that.

A few days later it was a sport mans dinner. Ran by school kids as part of coursework they are doing it was £35 with all your ale and scran thrown in. From the Everton side of things it was Joe Royle who was good and as ever with old players they have some great stories to tell. Cant imagine this generation of players will have such tales, more about what bling they have bought, threesomes they have been in (assuming no super injunctions) and telling tales of their greatest dives. On the Liverpool side of things it was Jan Molby. Now I don’t do hero’s and I am generally the shy and retiring type who would just think oh look there’s Sinbad from Brookside. However with it being Jan Molby things are different. He is my fave footy player ever. I model my style of play on him (or try to) and now in later life even have a replica Jan Molby beer gut. Molby was very funny and had some great tales. Many of which I cant remember ha ha (free ale for you) I do recall a certain frostiness to what Souness done at Liverpool and also Cruyff played with him. No not in a Savile sense of things. As of yet todays peado chrimbo advent calendar hasn’t revealed anybody.  The night was rounded off with a near the knuckle scouse comedian whose name also escapes me (I plead the free ale amendment again) So with my one chance to meet big Jan and lots of dutch courage down me (It was actually Budweiser) I met big Jan shook his hands and grabbed a photo. Obviously I am not going to post it on here but luckily enough dave Lee Travis was also at the dinner so I took a picture of Jan and Him.

Jan Molby and Neil Fay

So back to the present and tonight I came in after popping out on a message (that sounds like a very dad/gown up type of thing to say) I knocked at the door and Mrs Fay opened it in floods of tears. My heart sank and in the brief moment I thought fucking hell who has died now. Quickly I was thinking who was it and before I could work it out Mrs Fay blubbed she had lost the diamond from here engagement ring. Phewww I thought which was no comfort to Mrs Fay who was still in tears only a shitty diamond and not a death. So we soon worked out its 15 years next week when in the Kingsman pub I popped the question. I was trying to save it as a surprise for chrimbo day (no need for a prezzie as well) but I couldn’t keep it in a bit like the diamond in the ring I got from Argos sorry I mean Boodle & Dunthorne, we had a few drinks that famous night and I treated her to a chippy from The Ko Sing on the way home, I have always been a romantic bastard. So already getting the replacement hints and I have spotted the beauty below. “Simple and oh-so sparkling, this gorgeous Diamonique solitaire is bound to draw admiring glances your way! The sleek sterling silver ring is claw-set with a single, magnificent brilliant-cut simulated diamond. The stone is set in a high open gallery that allows light to flood through the facets of this beautiful stone. Equivalent diamond weight: 4 carats.” Sorted £20.25 and P&P £2.95. In fact she can have two if she wants x x x x.

Diamonique 4ct tw Brilliant Cut Solitaire Ring Sterling Silver
Diamonique 4ct tw Brilliant Cut Solitaire Ring Sterling Silver


Fay x x x x

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